Electric Showers, Water Heaters and Space Heating

Offering a range of products within the heating category with free UK Delivery on orders over £75. Competent sales team available to provide technical support on our available ranges including Electric Showers, Water Heaters, Space Heating and Frost Protection Products.

Electric Showers

There are three main types of electric showers available. The most common of these is the instant electric shower. This is a popular choice because of how economical they are. These products run independently from your boiler system and meaning you can still have a hot shower even if your boiler is not working. The water is heated as it passes through the element inside the shower. We sell both Redring Instant Electric Showers and Triton Electric Showers.
Redring Power Showers are a popular choice for increased flow rate. The shower itself does not heat the water. Power is only required to activate the pump but the hot water will come from your tank. These have a high shower performance rate delivering up to 14 litres per minute.
We also have a range of Safety showers for the disabled. The Redring Selectronic models have been designed with additional safety and control elements for the blind, partially sighted, young elderly and less able.
For customers who have a gravity fed system instead of a cold water feed you may require a pump assisted electric shower. Standard showers used here may not be able to provide enough pressure. Please ask our sales team for more information on pump assisted electric showers.

Water Heaters

Please view some of the many water heating solutions available at Fastlec.
Instant hand wash units available from both Redring and Triton provide an oversink handwash facility with automatic sensor models also available. Redring also have an electricly heated tap for you to consider.
Fastlec offer Industrial Immersion Heaters from Backer. Available in a number of sizes and power ratings please contact our sales team for more information on which product would suit your requirements. The team are available to take your calls on weekdays between 8:00am and 17:15pm. Domestic Immersion heaters are also available.
The Redring Powerstream is the perfect Instantaneous Water Heater solution. Available in 9.5KW, 10.8KW or 12KW these units are installed under a sink can can be used for small basins and showers. The water is heated as it passes through the unit. The Powerstream would be suitable for two small basin's or a shower.
We have two Oversink Storage heaters. Both have a 7 litre capacity and are heated by either a 1KW or 3KW heater. These options are available from either Redring or Heatrae
Unvented, point of use Water heaters usually come in sizes of 10 or 15 litres. We have options from both Redring and Heatrae Sadia. Redring's more expensive MW range has a fitted temperature and pressure relief device but the more more cost effective EW range would be the more popular choice.
Additional product types include Beverage Water Boilers, Electric Central Heating and Flatback vented water heaters and other Water heater accessories

Space Heating

Keep warm in the winter with our space heating solutions.
The purpose of the Air Curtain Over Door Heaters is to prevent heat loss due to open doors, draughts, hot and cold areas of the same building etc. It works by blowing a fast flowing curtain of air protecting against air conditioning and heating escaping from the building . We have available options from Consort, Dimplex, Thermoscreens and Vent Axia
- Convector Heaters are used for circulating warm air throughout the space for a quick increase in temperature. They would be ideal for heating larger spaces  in your home such as a conservatory or living room.
- Downflow Fan Heaters are an ideal choice for heating bathrooms and en-suites due to their compact size. View our downlow heaters available from both Dimplex and Vent Axia.
- We have a range of Eco Electric Radiators available for precision temperature management and total control with 24/7 digital programming. Models from both Rointe and Vent Axia are availabe so please speak with our staff to determine the most suitable model that needs with your requirements. Ring us now on Tel: 01903 255424.
Buy other space heating products online now:
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Frost Protection

These products are typically used in workshops, garages, conservatories etc to promote frost protection or prevent dampness.