Click Deco Decorative Metal Wiring Accessories

Click Deco Decorative Metal Wiring Accessories

The Click Deco range of Decorative Metal Wiring Accessories are recognised as being of high specification, high quality, long life and unprecedented value for money.

All items in the range are supplied complete with detailed fitting instructions in every pack.

DECO switches feature the same modular switch design as the moulded ranges and all of the switch modules can therefore be used in any combination of DECO accessories.

All Deco 13A Sockets and Fused Connection units are tested and approved to BS1363 offering assured quality and safety and all switch plates are modular as standard, allowing you create virtually any switch plate you require.

With the ever increasing demand for power supplies to be available in all areas of the home comes the problem of selecting and fitting outlets which discreetly blend with the decor of any room in which they are to be fitted.

Every DECO product featured is available in nine distinctive quality finishes

  • antique brass
  • polished brass
  • polished chrome
  • satin chrome
  • satin brass
  • black nickel
  • pearl nickel
  • stainless steel
  • georgian style cast brass

and are available with black or white inserts, excluding antique brass and black nickel finishes which are supplied with black insert and gasket only.

It is possible for the installer to customise a switch arrangement by substituting switch modules by means of a simple, single fixing screw.  

All Deco switch plates are modular as standard, which allows the creation  of virtually any switch plate that may be required making them the ideal choice for any application or project.



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