Control & Automation

Enclosure, Star Delta Starters, Contactors & Accessories


Fastlec offer a comprehensive range of industrial and electrical enclosures for protecting and storing components that are sensitive to moisture, dirt and dust. Available from brand leaders that include Europa Adaptable Boxes and Wiska Adaptable Boxes.

We have easy to install Din rail terminals for enclosures and junction boxes.

Different types of enclosure are available including Distribution Enclosures, Contactor enclosures & Hinged Lid Enclosures aswell as Enclosure Accessories.

Other available enclosure products include:

- Panel mounted cam switches
- Door interlock loadbreak switches
- Accessories for loadbreak switches
- Door Interlock Change Over Switches
- Panel Mounted 3 Pole Switches

Star Delta Starters & Direct On Line Motor Starters

The most common way to start a 3 phase induction motor would be through the use of a Star Delta Starter. Direct On Line motor starters (or DOL Starters) act as a stop start for a motor but also have added circuit protection.


Contactors are electrically controlled switches designed to be connected to high-current load devices. They can control electric motors, heating, lighting and other electrical loads.To protect a motor an Overload relay is used to sense the current. These are available for LC1 contactors and TC1 Contactors.

Other Contactor accessories include

- Auxilliary Contact Blocks
- Mechanical Interlocks
- Off delay for TC Contactors
- Spare Terminal Shrouds LC1
- Suppressor Block
- Contactor Coils
- 3 Pole AC Heavy Duty
- 3 Pole AC with Coil
- 3 Pole DC with Coil
- 4 Pole AC Heavy Duty
- 4 Pole AC with Coil

Motor Capacitors

Motor capacitors alter the current of a single phase AC induction motor. There are usually two types, a start capacitor or a run capacitor. A dual run capacitor is used in some air conditioner compressor units to boost the fan and compressor motors.

- Metallic Motor Capacitors 450V
- Plastic Motor Capacitors 450V
- Plastic Motor Capacitors with Leads 450V

Plug-In Relays

Plug-In Relays to isolate circuits and bring signals to field. Available products include:

- Industrial 8 Pin 12A Relays
- Octal 8 Pin 10A Relays

Complete LED Indicator Assemblies

- 16mm LED Pilot lamps
- 22mm LED Pilot Lamps
- 22mm LED with lamp test facility
- LED with sounder