Panel Heaters

A wall mounted electric Panel Heater for all applications and styles.

Dimplex PLX Panel Heater offers both simple styling and operation, available in both White and Willow White with the options of No Controls, Thermostatic Operation, 24Hr Timer and 7 Day Timer. Power options include 0.5, 0.75, 1.0, 1.25, 1.5, 2.0 and 3.0kW.

Dimplex DXLWP/ARLWP Low Wattage Panel Heater are a contemporary low profile background heater, designed to give additional heat to a room. Available in either 400W or 800W, wall mount or floor standing and optional timer.

Dimplex EPX Electronic Panel Convector Heaters offer the same simple styling as the PLX range, with highly accurate Plug-in Electronic controls that allow multiple heaters to be linked and varied on-off periods.

Dimplex EVS Skirting Panel Convector Heaters are ideally suited to applications such as heating Conservatories, with a low profile design. Multiple settings such as Comfort, Background and Frost Protection along with a ten setting thermostat and Setback dial.

Dimplex Girona GFP Glass Panel Heaters offers a very unique and stylish glass fronted design, available in both a White and Black finish to suit all contemporary styling. Can be linked with other heaters, to give an integrated heating system and uses an electronic thermostat to give very high levels of heating accuracy and reduce waste.

Dimplex Monterey MFP Panel Heaters are yet another Contemporary design from Dimplex with all of the intelligent controllability of the Girona range.

Dimplex RPX Radiant Electronic Panel Radiators have all of the control characteristics of the Dimplex electronic heater range with the alternative and often preferable radiant heat, such as we recieve from the sun. The radiant heat output helps to minimise the element operating temperature and so reduce Dust Burning and Air Drying.

Sunhouse Mechanical Panel Heaters offer a stylish curved design with simple to use timer and non-timer controls for instant, economical heating.

Sunhouse Electronic Panel Heaters offers the simple style of Sunhouse with a digital timer and electronic thermostatic control for temperature stability.

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  1. Creda Contour100 Panel Heater EcoDesign Compl...

    £178.03 £148.36 ex VAT
    In stock
  2. Creda TPRIII Panel Heaters With Electronic Co...

    Model: TPRIII
    £145.76 £121.47 ex VAT
    In stock
  3. Dimplex Girona EcoDesign Compliant Panel Heat...

    Model: GFPGIRONA
    £311.99 £259.99 ex VAT
    In stock
  4. Dimplex LST Range Low Surface Temperature Ele...

    Model: LSTRANGE
    £263.16 £219.30 ex VAT
    In stock
  5. Dimplex Monterey 7 Day Timer Panel Heater Eco...

    £197.59 £164.66 ex VAT
    In stock
  6. Dimplex PLX050E 500W Panel Heater with Advanc...

    Model: PLX050E
    £150.25 £125.21 ex VAT
    Fastlec4 Days Delivery
  7. Dimplex PLX075E 750W Panel Heater with Advanc...

    Model: PLX075E
    £157.43 £131.19 ex VAT
    Fastlec4 Days Delivery
  8. Dimplex PLX100E 1000W Panel Heater with Advan...

    Model: PLX100E
    £164.58 £137.15 ex VAT
    Fastlec4 Days Delivery
  9. Dimplex PLX125E 1250W Panel Heater with Advan...

    Model: PLX125E
    £171.75 £143.12 ex VAT
    Fastlec4 Days Delivery
  10. Dimplex PLX150E 1500W Panel Heater with Advan...

    Model: PLX150E
    £184.69 £153.91 ex VAT
    Fastlec4 Days Delivery
  11. Dimplex PLX200E 2000W Panel Heater with Advan...

    Model: PLX200E
    £193.80 £161.50 ex VAT
    Fastlec4 Days Delivery
  12. Dimplex PLXC300E 3000W Panel Heater with Adva...

    Model: PLXC300E
    £219.64 £183.03 ex VAT
    Fastlec4 Days Delivery
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