Redring Instant Showers

Instant electric showers from Redring easily allow you to place a shower anywhere in your house as they only require a mains cold-water feed.

The water is heated instantly as it passes through the shower by a high output element. Generally speaking, the higher the power rating of the shower, the higher flow rate you will receive at a higher temperature of water (this obviously depends on your mains pressure to some extent). Also be aware that your new shower will require an appropriately sized electric cable to feed it (usually 6mm or 10mm).

Flow rates can very as the incoming water temperature fluctuates through the seasons. With an 8.5KW shower you can expect a flow rate of around 3.5 litres per minute in the winter and 5.1 litres per minute in the winter.

Redring offer a large range of electric showers from which to choose:

  • Digimix - Designer, remote controlled, digital showering
  • Slimline 650 - Designer, family showering
  • Selectronic - Increased safety and family showering
  • Active - Day to day showering
  • Revive - Designer, easy retrofit
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