Hand Dryers

A Great Choice Of Hand Dryers From Fastlec

The hand drying market is pretty much unrecognisable from how it was just a few years back You now have a choice of hand drying technology as well as power and air flow rates. The new generation hand dryers with blade drying technology offer quicker drying times, for less energy useage.

That being said, the manufacturer's of the traditional 'box' style dryer have also improved there game by beefing up the performance towards that golden '10 second drying time'. Innovation still continues in this field as some of the latest traditional dryers are starting to use the 'blade' shaped air-streams that have become common place on the top down 'Tommy Cooper' style units ("Just Like That!").

Who Came First?

When Dyson brought out their popular Airblade unit, they shook up the western market overnight. However in the East, Mitsubishi had been supplying their Jet Towel product since way back in the early 1990's and have continued to improve it, launching their 'Generation 8' models in 2011 which includes a great looking 'black' unit and an unheated version that uses just 560w of power without loss of drying performance. Recently, similar 'blade style' dryers have emerged from any company remotely linked to hand drying products. After numerous demonstrations and testing we have picked the best of the rest from 'Vent Axia' and 'Handy Dryers'.

Funky Colours

Why settle for plain old white or silver when you can have pink or black? Mitsubishi and Vortice both offer a fantastic looking black finish on some of their dryers. Or why not treat the lady's room with the latest top down 'Gorillo' dryer in a striking 'rose pink' finish?