Redring Showers for the Disabled

Care Sector Showering

Showering with a disability presents a multitude of potential issues, so specialist solutions are available from Redring to assist in the care sector.

A good shower system for a less able user should include built-in automatic temperature stability control to avoid fluctuations in water temperature due to changes in water pressure that occur elsewhere in the building. Technology should be included that prevents a user from unintentionally selecting a water delivery temperature that could cause scalding. Further fail safes including an automatic shut-off after a pre-determined period of showering time should be standard.

The shower controls must be large enough for people with reduced dexterity and/or defective sight to use comfortably and safely. The indicators for temperature should be increased in size and contrast, and audio feedback needs to be given in response to users making a change to the shower function. A disabled shower with a hand held remote control option has some very obvious benefits for people with limited mobility.

The better showers on the market are endorsed by both BEAB Care and the RNIB.

Redring Showers for the Disabled Categories

Redring Showers for the Disabled Categories
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