Hand Wash Units

A comprehensive range of electric over-sink hand wash units in a variety of power ratings and control types.

All models are BEAB approved and come with the patented 'Vortex' spray head which makes for great 'hand washing' water spread and scale control. All three water heaters come with a 200mm spout but varying length spouts can be purchased separately to suit the application.

The standard lever control model, is available in either 3kw or 7kw sizes.

The 3kw manual unit is by far the most popular seller and it only requires a 13A supply. If you want a higher flow rate with an even hotter temperature, then try the 7kw 'big brother' hand wash, its the same physical size but requires a larger cable to supply it and its own circuit.

The 'Autosensor' hand wash enables you to avoid cross-contamination as the hands-free sensor activates and de-activates the water flow. The unit will auto shut-off after 20 seconds to save water and energy.