Extractor Fans

Which Type of Extractor Fan is Best For Your Application?

Extractor fans are an essential part of kitchen and bathroom ventilation.

They can help reduce odours, steam, and excess moisture buildup, as well as provide a comfortable environment in your home or business. Whether you’re looking for an inline fan, a wall-mounted fan, or a ceiling-mounted model, this guide will walk you through the different types of extractor fans and how to choose the right one for your needs.

Understand Different Types of Extractors.

It is important to understand the different types of extractors, their functions, and where they are best deployed. In general, extractor fans can be divided into 3 main categories: centrifugal, axial, and mixed-flow.

Centrifugal Extractor Fans Move Air Over a Longer Distance

Centrifugal models work by creating a pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the fan as air spins around an impeller. Centrifugal extractor fans provide a number of advantages over other air movement devices. The primary benefit revolves around their ability to generate greater pressure when compared with other fan types such as axial flow fans. This is due to the way in which centrifugal force works and how it focuses the airflow toward the desired outlet point generating greater force. Additionally, these fans are typically more compact and lightweight than those with large blade spans often used in industry sectors. They also tend to be quieter when operating as they do not make as much noise when passing through the blades/impellers.

Axial Extractor Fans

Axial fans have blades that move air parallel to the shaft of rotation, generating pressure along its path.

Axial extractor fans are a highly effective and efficient way to keep air circulating in any indoor environment. They are an ideal choice for any home or business, as they will help to ensure the highest levels of air quality and comfort. This type of fan works by taking in large volumes of air through its blades, which draw it in from the outside and expel it into the room with great force. This allows for thorough ventilation throughout the entire area, making it perfect for removing stale or polluted air.

Axial extractor fans come in a range of sizes and shapes, making them suitable for use in virtually any space imaginable. Whether you need something small enough to fit under a kitchen countertop or something large enough to cover an entire warehouse, there is sure to be a model that fits your needs perfectly.

Mixed-Flow Extractor Fans

Mixed-flow models combine both centrifugal and axial design elements for optimal airflow.

Mixed-flow extractor fans have become a popular choice for homeowners looking to improve the ventilation in their homes. These powerful fans are designed to create a balance between an axial and centrifugal fan, combining both airflow types into one unit. This makes them incredibly efficient and quieter than other extraction systems, making them ideal for everyday use.

The mixed flow system uses less energy than traditional fans, helping to reduce energy costs and emissions. It also allows air to be extracted from multiple points within the home simultaneously. As a result, it can provide efficient circulation of fresh air throughout all rooms of the house. The shape of the blade ensures that noise levels are kept low so as not to disturb any family members or neighbours who may be nearby when the fan is running.

Know Your Space Requirements.

Before purchasing an extractor, it is important to gauge the size of the area where it will be installed. Factors to consider include the length and height of your room, as well as any obstructions that could block airflow. For example, low ceilings or bulky furniture can restrict the movement of air, while large rooms may require more powerful fans with higher-capacity motors. Consider asking a professional for advice before making a purchase decision.

Consider Sound Levels and Power Outputs.

As well as the size of your space and motor capacity, it is important to consider the sound levels and power outputs of the extractor fan you are considering. Most fans have a decibel rating which indicates how loud or quiet they will be when operating. For rooms that require silence, such as bedrooms, look for lower dB ratings. Additionally, it’s important to pay attention to the power output of an extractor fan, as this indicates how efficiently it moves air through your space.

Evaluate Construction Materials and Strength.

The type of construction materials used to build an extractor fan will affect its longevity and strength. Steel and aluminum fans are usually the sturdiest and more likely to last longer than plastic models, while axial and centrifugal fans are built to move larger volumes of air than portable or in-line stationary types. Additionally, look for built-in safety features such as power overload protection, external switches, timer/speed settings, motion sensors, or timed shutoff systems.

Consider Heat, Humidity and Other Environmental Factors.

When selecting an extractor fan, consider how the environment in which it will be used affects its performance. Depending on the type of environment and materials used, you may need to choose one that works better with high temperatures, excessive humidity or other types of contaminants such as dust, smoke, or chemicals. Additionally, consider factors like the size and height of your space as well as the type of ventilation you’ll need in order to make sure your extractor fan is up to the task.


Extractor Fans - All Your Favourite Brands

Vent Axia

The UK market leader with an incredibly large range is constantly evolving with the changes in regulations and design conventions. Notoriously difficult to get some of their fans quickly and at the right price, which is why we heavily stock them at our own warehouse and buy in bulk contracts. We are rarely beaten on Vent Axia projects and their product quality makes the effort worthwhile.


In Italy, Vortice occupies a similar position to that held by Vent Axia in the UK. Their UK distribution centre holds the entire Vortice range in massive depth which means you can get any of their fans on-site within days. We've been stocking Vortice fans here at Fastlec right from our early days and many of our regular clients are reluctant to fit anything else simply because of the combination of reliability, performance, and competitive pricing that the range offers.


Based in South Wales, their manufacturing facility covers 18,000m2, allowing us to manufacture most of our products on-site; from small bathroom fans to large air handling units. Nuaire has been at the forefront of the construction industry for many years. Renowned for exceptional quality, Nuaire was the first fan supplier in the United Kingdom to achieve the ISO9001 quality standard. Check out their incredible Drimaster PIV Range!

Greenwood Airvac

Greenwood was established in 1879 and today is managed by such a highly respected brand name for the design, manufacture, and specification of SMART round HVAC grilles for new residential construction and refurbishment purposes. The Zehnder Group, which the company is owned by, is Green Certified and supports efforts to reduce emissions and energy use.


Some people still have Airflow's old box-shaped Loovent fan in their bathroom which has been competently whirring away for 20-30 years without any issues at all. Reliability like that is not to be taken lightly and Airflow still maintains updated versions of their original standard fan ranges to this day. They also, now however lead the way in new fan design - Their iCON fan range, still remains unanswered by the competition and client's still love the beautiful automatic iris design. Airflow then brought out the first effective, virtually silent 'Quietair' fan which everyone has now mercilessly copied, but without providing the range of features (delay start, humidity, and PIR control) and power options (both 100mm and 125mm available).

Fastlec Specialise In Extractor Fans For All Applications

Whether the fan you are looking for is for your home, office, or industrial warehouse, we are confident that we have a choice of suitable models here for you at the right price. If you need any help selecting, then please feel free to contact us.

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