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View our complete range of consumer units available with free UK delivery. Suitable for both home and commercial applications. We have models available from Brand leaders such as Wylex, Europa, Hager and Contactum. Our fuse box range includes consumer units with RCBOs both included or not included. These trusted consumer units conform to BS EN 60898 safety standards.

RCBO Devices,

RCBO Devices are a combination of a Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) and a Residual Current Device (RCD). This protects the individual circuit from both overload and earth fault. Residual Current Breakers with Overcurrent Protection (RCBO)
Wylex RCBOs, Europa RCBO Devices, Hager RCBOs, Merlin Gerlin RCBOs, Memshield RCBOs

Wylex Consumer Units

The popular pre-loaded Wylex consumer units are available to purchase with either 10 or 12 MCBs. These quality Wylex MCBs are constructed with high-integrity metal for durability. Wylex consumer units have a high safety performance and comply with both BS 7671 IET and BS 61439-3 safety standards. Other Wylex products available from Fastlec include Wylex plug in MCBs, Wylec RCBOs, Wylex RCDs, Wylec Switchfuses & Isolators

Europa Consumer Units,

More consumer unit solutions are available from Europa. Please view our Europa Consumer Units below:
10KA MCBs Double Pole Type C
10KA MCBs Double Pole Type D
10KA MCBs Single Pole Type C
10KA MCBs Single Pole Type D
10KA MCBs Triple Pole Type C
10KA MCBs Triple Pole Type D
17th Edition Consumer Units
6KA MCBs Single Pole Type B
6KA MCBs Single Pole Type C
Europa 2 Pole RCD
Europa 4 Pole RCD
Europa Consumer Unit Accessories
Europa Garage & Shower Units
Europa Isolator Consumer Units
Europa Mainswitch Isolators
Europa Modular Accessories
Europa Modular Contactors
Europa RCCB Consumer Units
Europa Split Load Consumer Units
RCBO Double Pole B Curve
RCBO Double Pole C Curve
RCBO Single Pole B Curve

Hager Consumer Units,

Free UK Delivery is available on Hager Design 10 consumer units and Hagar garage consumer units. Hager Design 10 Consumer Units, Hager Garage Consumer Units, Hager MCBs Type B, Hager RCBOs (MCB/RCD)

Caravan Hook Ups,

Caravan hookups are available as both metered and unmetered units. Various outputs and connection options offer a safe and reliable source of power. Available for both Static Caravan Hook Ups and Touring Caravan Hook Ups

Consumer Unit Best Deals

View our consumer unit best deals. These products are nearly always in stock and available for next working day delivery.

Distribution Boards

MEM Memshield 3 Switchgear, MEM Memshield 2 Switchgear, MEM Switch Fuses, Hager Switchgear, Europa Switchgear, Fuses

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