Instantaneous Water Heaters

Redring Powerstream instantaneous water heaters allow the supply of up to two outlets with instant on demand hot water.

The larger Redring Powerstream models (10.8KW and 12KW) allow you to improve your flow rate and temperature output. (The 12KW RP12 Powerstream provides water at 63 Degrees C at 5L per minute compared to the 9.5KW Powerstream at 47 Degrees C at 5L per minute. Please see the installation instructions for more performance comparisons.)

In addition, the two Eco models offer full functionality while saving on both energy consumption and running costs.  This is achieved via the external power selection dial and its ECO option giving the user full energy management for water supply direct to hand basin supply in both commercial and residential applications where hot water storage is not convenient.

Powerstream Water Heaters Come With A Fantastic THREE YEAR GUARANTEE

Why pay out extra for a hot water storage heater and then struggle to find room to site it?  Redring Powerstreams are all the same small size, so there's always somewhere you can find to mount them. On demand water heating is also economical because you don't lose any heat from hot water left standing in a tank.

"Simple to install as Powerstreams only need a mains cold water feed and an appropriate electrical supply"

There's lots more information on the Redring Powerstream range in the installation instructions here!

"The UK's biggest selling instantaneous multiple outlet water heater - The 9.5KW Redring Powerstream RP1"

Powerstream Dimensions : 307mm x 160mm x 74mm

Powerstream Product Selector:


Short Code

Catalogue Number

Operating Pressure

KW Loading at 230-240V

Guide To Cable/Fuse Size

(Also depends on length and siting of cable run)

Powerstream 9.5



15-150 psi


6mm or 10mm/40A

Powerstream 10.8



20-150 psi



Powerstream 12



25-150 psi



Powerstream Eco   


 RP1E  45673201  15-150 psi

High - 9.5kW

Eco - 5.4 kW

Low - 4.1kW

Cold- 0

  6 - 10mm²/40A

Powerstream Eco


 RP10.8E 45673202  20 - 150 psi  

High - 10.8kW

Eco - 6 kW

Low - 4..81kW

Cold - 0

  10 - 16 mm²/45A
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