PIV Units

What is a PIV Unit?

PIV stands for Positive Input Ventilation. They are designed as a very effective solution to mould and condensation problems in homes.

How Does a PIV Unit Work?

The most popular models mount in the loft and intake fresh air through filters and then push that filtered fresh air into the dwelling usually via a small ceiling grille in the hallway. The stale moist air is pushed out of the house by the pressure of the new dry fresh air. This is a continuous process so that the air in the home is always fresh and dry, preventing condensation/mould formation.

Do PIV Units Work?

PIV units certainly work and are probably the most effective solution for reducing/curing mould issues in a home. They must be located and set up appropriately of course, but this is not by any means a difficult task.

How Long Does a PIV Unit Take to Work?

In just a few weeks, a dwelling should see it its mould and condensation problems all but disappear. Some clients report seeing effective results in just a few days. 

Do PIV Units Make the House Cold?

Generally, the air is drawn from the loft/attic, so when that air is cooler than the air in the rest of your home, it could in theory lower the overall air temperature in some dwellings. The most popular PIV units come with a pre-heater that fits on top of the ceiling grille and pre-heats the air as it enters the main dwelling. These heaters operate in a 'bypass' mode during the warmer months to avoid adding warm air when it's not desirable to do so.

PIV Installation Costs

Installing a PIV unit is a simple and quick task, with the biggest job being cutting the ceiling grille hole. It is also advisable to get a qualified electrician to connect the unit to the mains of course. This means that the PIV installation costs are much lower than many other ventilation solutions.

PIV Unit Running Costs

PIV units run constantly at a very low speed which keeps the running costs extremely low. Running costs can be as little as £10 per year as power consumption can be controlled between 2.25W and 14.5W.

PIV Units for Flats

There are multiple surface mounting option PIV units for flats so the a lack of a loft space is really no problem.