Unvented Water Storage

Unvented, point of use water heaters allow you to supply stored hot water to multiple outlets at mains pressure using existing taps/mixers if required.

For 10 to 15 litre applications with up to 4 outlets, Redring offer two different version of their unvented water heater. Usually situated under cupboard or sink, these compact units can be hidden out of plain view.

Redring MW10 and MW15 Range

This is Redring's specification unit that comes complete with a factory fitted temperature and pressure relief device. In most cases, where a unit is being fitted into a mains pressure water system, the more cost effective EW range will be better choice.

Redring EW10 and EW15 Range

Save some money, as these units are designed to be used on mains pressure water systems without the need for a temperature and pressure relief valve and are lots cheaper than the MW range.

Accessories - Cold water expansion packs, tundishes and blending valves are also available if required as optional extras.