Ventilation Ducting

Ventilation Ducting in Flat or Round.

Ducting for every ventilation application. Flat ducting and round ducting systems from Domus provide solutions for domestic and commercial installations. Flat Ducting is available in sizes from 110x54mm to 308x29mm. Round ducting sizes range from 80mm to 1000mm. Round ducting is available in plastic, galvanised steel and a wide range of flexible materials including aluminium, insulated and PVC. For heavier duty commercial and industrial applications, we supply the Monsoon range of flexible and rigid spiral ducting.

Ventilation Ducting Accessories.

A full range of bends, connectors, grilles and kits for every ducting type and size. Internal and external grilles in round or square with spigots for either flat or round ducting. Stainless steel finished grilles, cowls and supply valves are also available. Many of  the grilles and air bricks are available in a variety of colour finishes including brown, terracotta, black, white and cotswold stone.

The Firebrake range of ventilation ducting products helps you meet the fire stopping requirements of the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations.  The Firebrake range includes round and flat duct connectors and also conduit.

Tips on Ventilation Ducting Selection

  • Choose the shortest route to the outside vent point
  • Use as few bends as possible
  • Use proper duct sealant especially where the duct sections are inaccessible for maintenance
  • Choose an appropriate duct size to suit the extract capacity of your fan
  • Round ducting is the most efficient for air travel if you have the room
  • Rigid duct is more efficient than flexible duct
  • If flexible duct must be used then try to ensure it is kept taut and straight as possible
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  1. 100mm 45 Deg metal bend

    Model: MB/100/45
    £8.22 £6.85 ex VAT
    Fastlec5 Days Delivery
  2. 100mm 90 Deg metal bend

    Model: MB/100/90
    £9.86 £8.22 ex VAT
    Fastlec3 Days Delivery
  3. 100mm Adjustable Hose Clip 90-110mm

    Model: 125-4
    £1.51 £1.26 ex VAT
    In stock
  4. 100mm aluminium flexible duct 10m

    Model: FXAL100/10
    £16.95 £14.12 ex VAT
    In stock
  5. 100mm aluminium insulated flexible duct 10m

    Model: FXALINS/100
    £19.52 £16.27 ex VAT
    Fastlec5 Days Delivery
  6. 100mm galv steel t piece

    Model: TP/100
    £34.24 £28.53 ex VAT
    Fastlec3 Days Delivery
  7. 100mm galv steel y piece

    Model: YP/100
    £75.83 £63.19 ex VAT
    Fastlec5 Days Delivery
  8. 100mm Galvanised Steel Roof Cowl

    Model: RC100
    £52.20 £43.50 ex VAT
    Fastlec5 Days Delivery
  9. 100mm internal egg crate grille

    Model: ECG100S
    £16.48 £13.73 ex VAT
    In stock
  10. 100mm partial shut off valve damper

    Model: DSU/100
    £31.54 £26.28 ex VAT
    Fastlec5 Days Delivery
  11. 100mm Round Ceiling Diffuser chrome finish

    Model: 4907CH
    £14.21 £11.84 ex VAT
    In stock
  12. 100mm Round Ceiling Diffuser white

    Model: 4907W
    £4.14 £3.45 ex VAT
    In stock
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