Tools offers a wide range of tools and equipment for various applications, catering to the needs of professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Here's a description of the categories mentioned:

  1. Batteries: This category includes a variety of batteries to power cordless tools, ensuring optimal performance and convenience during projects.

  2. Cable Handling: This category features tools and equipment designed to assist with cable management and organization, such as cable ties, cable reels, and cable dispensers.

  3. Crimping Tools: This category offers a range of crimping tools for securely connecting wires and terminals in electrical installations.

  4. Draper Cable Strippers, Cutters, Pliers, and Screwdrivers: This category showcases a selection of Draper-branded tools, including cable strippers, cutters, pliers, and screwdrivers, designed to provide quality and durability for various tasks.

  5. Driver Bits: This category includes a variety of driver bits for use with power drills and screwdrivers, suitable for different types of screws and fasteners.

  6. Fixings: This category offers a range of fixings, such as screws, bolts, and nails, designed to provide secure connections in various applications.

  7. Flat Wood Bit: This category features flat wood bits, designed for drilling clean and precise holes in wood.

  8. Hand Tools: This category encompasses a wide range of essential hand tools, including hammers, wrenches, and saws, that help users perform tasks with precision and ease.

  9. Holesaws: This category includes holesaws for cutting precise circular holes in various materials, such as wood, metal, and plastic.

  10. HSS Metal Drill Bits: This category offers high-speed steel (HSS) metal drill bits, designed for drilling into metal materials with durability and precision.

  11. Labeling and Signs: This category provides a selection of labeling and signage solutions for identifying and marking cables, installations, and other components.

  12. Masonry Drill Bits: This category features masonry drill bits designed for drilling into brick, concrete, and other masonry materials.

  13. PVC and Gaffer Tape: This category includes a range of PVC and gaffer tapes for various applications, such as sealing, bundling, and marking.

  14. Reelsaver Cable Reel Protector: This category offers the Reelsaver cable reel protector, designed to protect and extend the life of cable reels.

  15. Sealants and Adhesives: This category includes a variety of sealants and adhesives for bonding, sealing, and securing materials in various applications.

  16. Spoola: This category features the Spoola cable management solution, designed to help users store and dispense cables efficiently.

  17. Steinel Glue Guns and Accessories, Heat Tools, and Auxiliary Equipment: This category showcases a range of Steinel-branded products, including glue guns, heat tools, and accessories, designed for various applications in heating, gluing, and more.

  18. Test Instruments: This category offers a selection of test instruments for measuring and analyzing electrical installations and systems.

  19. Threading Tools: This category features threading tools for creating or repairing threads on screws, bolts, and other fasteners.

  20. Wall Plugs: This category includes a variety of wall plugs for securing fixtures and fittings in various types of walls and materials.

  21. Conduit Tools: This category offers a range of conduit tools for working with and installing electrical conduit systems, providing protection and routing for electrical wiring.

In conclusion, offers an extensive selection of tools and equipment across numerous categories, ensuring customers have access to the right tools for their specific needs. From professionals to DIY enthusiasts, has the tools you need for successful projects.