Low Energy LED Floodlights

The potential energy savings to be had from using LED floodlights are huge. Power usage can be reduced by up to 90 per cent when compared with traditional halogen floods. You can often choose between cool white and warm white beams to create the effect that you are looking for (not previously an option with halogen fittings). Higher power discharge floodlights can also now be replaced with some extreme output  LED floods. There is also a wide array of automatic sensor technology products that can be combined with or are already integrated with these luminaires to give you exacting control and security options.

Halogen and Discharge Floodlights

Halogen floodlights are commonly used in domestic setting, and take a linear tungsten halogen lamp, usually between 100w and 500w. They are cheap to buy and easy to control with photocells and PIR's.

Discharge floodlights include light sources such as Metal Halide (very white light), High Pressure Sodium (high output yellow tinted light) and compact fluorescent (a low energy alternative to LED)

If you have any questions related to the choosing of suitable flood lights for your home or projects then we'd be more than happy to help.

Floodlights Categories

Floodlights Categories