Water Heaters

Electric Water Heaters For All Applications

Central Heating - Electric flow boilers can be used to supply wet central heating systems and household hot water.

Single Outlets and Basins - Can be supplied by a locally mounted hand wash unit (autosensor version also available) above the basin or an instantaneous Powerstream mounted remotely and supplied via the basin tap. Oversink vented water storage heaters up to 10 litres are available for delivering larger volumes of water at the point of use. Unvented, remote mounting water storage heaters provide a more descreet solution for heating up to 15 litres of standing water.

Multi-Outlets and Basins - Can be supplied by either the single or three phase Powerstream instantaneous units. Wall mounted, flat back vented water storage heaters hold up to 100 litres of hot water for commercial and domestic multi-outlet applications. Unvented water storage heaters with capacities up to 75 litres are available for mounting remotely and using existing taps.

Water Boiling and Beverage Making - The Corvette wall mounted kettle has been a firm favourite for tea making over many decades now but for constant on-demand boiling water supply choose from Beverage makers that can supply up to 150 cups on the initial draw-off and are available in either white or stainless steel.

Recomended Water Heater Requirements

  • Hand washing - 1 to 2.5 litres per person (40 degrees C)
  • Kitchen Sink - 2 to 7 litres per person (60 degrees C)
  • Cleaning - 10 litres per day (60 degrees C)
  • Bath - 60 litres per bath (60 degrees C)
  • Hairdressing - 10 litres per shampoo (40 degrees C)
  • Dishwasher - 2 litres per meal (60 degrees C)

Water Heaters Delivery

The vast majority of the water heaters in our range can be delivered to your door within 2 days, many on a next working day basis.

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