Air Curtain Over Door Heaters

Air curtain over door heaters, also known as air doors or fly fans, are heating and cooling systems designed to control the temperature and airflow in commercial or industrial spaces with frequently opening doors.

They work by creating a barrier of high-velocity air that separates the indoor and outdoor environments, preventing the transfer of heat, cold, dust, insects, and other contaminants through the doorway.

Air curtains are typically installed above the entrance of a building, and they use centrifugal fans and heating elements to create a continuous stream of air that flows downward and across the doorway. The airflow can be adjusted to the desired speed and temperature using a control panel, and it can be activated automatically by a motion sensor or a door switch.

Some air curtains can also be connected to a building automation system for more advanced control and monitoring.

Air curtains are a popular solution for businesses that require frequent access to their outdoor environment, such as restaurants, retail stores, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities. They offer several benefits over traditional HVAC systems, including:

  1. Energy efficiency: Air curtains can help reduce the energy consumption and costs associated with heating and cooling by minimizing the heat transfer through the doorway. According to the Department of Energy, air curtains can reduce the energy consumption of a building by up to 80% compared to traditional HVAC systems.

  2. Comfort: Air curtains can improve indoor comfort and air quality by reducing drafts, cold spots, and humidity levels near the door. They can also prevent the ingress of outdoor pollutants and allergens that can affect the health and well-being of occupants.

  3. Safety: Air curtains can help maintain a safe and hygienic environment by preventing the entry of pests, bacteria, and other contaminants that can cause foodborne illnesses or workplace injuries. They can also prevent the buildup of toxic gases or fumes that may be present in outdoor environments.

  4. Convenience: Air curtains can make it easier and more efficient for people and goods to move in and out of the building without the need to open and close the door frequently. This can save time and labour costs, especially in busy or high-traffic areas.

Air Curtain Selection

When selecting an air curtain for a specific application, it is important to consider the size and type of the doorway, the outdoor climate conditions, the building occupancy and use, and the energy efficiency and maintenance requirements of the system. Some factors that may affect the performance and efficiency of an air curtain include the velocity and temperature of the airflow, the noise level of the fan, the distance between the air curtain and the floor, and the type of installation and wiring required.

In summary, air curtain over door heaters are an effective and practical solution for maintaining the indoor climate and environment of commercial and industrial spaces with high-traffic entrances. They offer numerous benefits over traditional HVAC systems, including energy efficiency, comfort, safety, and convenience. By choosing the right air curtain for their needs, businesses can improve their operational efficiency, reduce their environmental impact, and enhance their customer and employee satisfaction.

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