Air Curtain Over Door Heaters

Benefits Of Air Curtain Over Door Heaters

The main benefit of an Air curtain is that it will protect against air conditioning and heating escaping from your building.  Customers and/or members of staff will experience greatly improved and accurately maintained comfort levels and finally it will also safeguard a clear access in and out of your building.

How do they work?

An air curtain will create an invisible curtain of air which will separate two different temperature zones within your building.  It provides a fast moving stream of air to block any air movement through the door even when the door is left open.

Careful placing of your air curtain, covering the full width of your door, can ensure that maximum performance is achieved and, in winter, heated air will be stopped from escaping, and in the summer cooled air is kept within the confines of your building.  If you position your air curtain too far from the entrance performance will be compromised and temperature controlled air will leak around the edges of your airstream.

If your building also uses extractor units, care should be taken to equalise any pressure differences to maximise the effectiveness of the air curtain.

When used in a cold storage room, an air curtain will effectively reduce waste energy buy retaining the cooled air within a specific area and will also allow unhindered access as it will alleviate the need for doors or curtains which reduce visibility.  This dramatically improves the safety of people moving around the building.

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