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  1. Best Electric Showers Q&A

    Best Electric Showers Q&A

    Can I replace my 7.2kw shower with an 8.5, 9.5 or 10.8kw model? Yes, but you will probably require an upgrade in the size of the cable that runs from your fuse-board to the shower as these larger power showers will draw a higher current than your old one. You will also require an upgrade […]

  2. What Is the Best Water Heater for Me?

    What Is the Best Water Heater for Me? A high-level overview of the main water heater types For more detail on choosing a specific water heater, try Electric Water Heaters – Choosing The Right One Water heaters are integral to the day-to-day running of your business or home and are essential for a variety of […]

  3. Redring Revive Showers Improve Retrofitting

    The Redring Revive Range has now been replaced. The New models can be viewed here. Redring Revive Their Expressions Range What? Well here’s the situation Redring used to do a very popular range of showers called the ‘Expressions range’. Many feel that this range didn’t need changing (me included), but hey, that’s the way the […]

  4. New Redring Powerstream Eco Water Heater

    The NEW Redring Powerstream Eco is Launched! The Powerstream is without doubt, one of the biggest selling water heaters on the UK market. Its success is that it has allowed people to provide instant hot water to basins anywhere in a domestic or commercial installation with just a cold-water feed. Add to that, the fact […]

  5. Electric Water Heaters - Choosing The Right One

    Electric Water Heater Selection By Installation Type: Single Basin Electric Water Heaters It’s worth noting that electric water heater suppliers differentiate between basins (only big enough to wash your hands in) and sinks (big enough to wash up plates and crockery). If you fit a water heater designed for a basin to a kitchen sink, […]

  6. Fastlec - Largest Stockist Of Redring Showers in T...

    Why Limit The Choice For You Or Your Client? Normally, you would expect a good electrical wholesaler or even retailer to be able to offer you a choice of a couple of different types of electric shower off the shelf in perhaps two or three different power ratings. One of them would most likely be […]

  7. Redring Xpressions Eco-T - Intelligent Showering

    The Xpressions Shower Range Has Now Been replaced – View the latest models here With money becoming tighter by the day and bills that seem to rise month on month the Redring Xpressions Eco-T is a breath of fresh air. This revolutionary intelligent shower offers an innovative solution to save energy and water with no […]

  8. How to get a better electric shower

    How to get a better electric shower

    Electric showers offer an economical alternative to the more traditional, boiler connected systems. Whilst other units need access to hot water from the boiler, electric showers only require cold water which is then heated on demand. There are a variety of benefits to type of system, for example you don’t have to wait for the […]

  9. Electric Showers

    Electric Showers Instant electric showers are economical because they heat only the amount of water you require, on demand, and as they run independently from your hot water boiler system, you can still have a hot shower even if your boiler isn’t working. Installation is relatively simple as they only require a cold water feed […]

  10. Redring WS7

    Redring WS7 Redring WS7 Over sink 3KW Water Heater reliably and economically provides stored hot water at the desired point of use. It is the UK’s most popular 7 litre over-sink water heater and this popularity is due to its excellent reliability and consistently efficient performance. Due to their point-of-use installation these units also benefit […]

  11. Redring Powerstream

    Redring Powerstream

    How to use the Redring Powerstream Instantaneous water heater to provide hot water in your home without the need for a central heated tank. Everything you need to know about the Redring Powerstream Water Heater The Redring Powerstream is an electric unvented instantaneous water heater designed to supply up to two outlets. What does “unvented” […]

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