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  1. Casambi Smart Lighting Control

    Casambi revolutionizes lighting control, offering a wireless solution that combines simplicity with sophistication. At its core, Casambi employs Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, allowing for seamless connectivity and intuitive control of your lighting environment.  Setting Up Casambi Casambi-Enabled Devices: Start by choosing lighting fixtures equipped with Casambi technology, such as bulbs or LED drivers. These […]
  2. Bathroom Zones

    Bathroom Zones

    Having electrical wiring in a bathroom can be tricky to set up, as there are important regulations to follow. In order to ensure a safe and legal installation, it is essential to understand the rules and regulations around the layout of electrical equipment in bathrooms. This article will provide an overview of the bathroom zones […]
  3. Is Smart Lighting worth it?

    Is Smart Lighting worth it?

    What is Smart Lighting? Smart lighting is a revolutionary new technology that allows users to control their home lighting system from any device with an internet connection. It provides greater convenience, energy efficiency, and comfort to homeowners who want to make their living space more inviting and comfortable. Smart lighting systems use sensors and controllers […]
  4. Lighting Colour Temperatures

    Lighting Colour Temperatures

    Lighting colour temperature is an important element in creating the right atmosphere in any given space. Colour temperature is measured in Kelvins (K), and ranges from 1000 K to 10,000 K. The lower end of the spectrum is a warm light, while the higher end of the spectrum is a cooler light. Warm lighting typically […]
  5. Steinel Lighting Ideas

    Steinel Lighting Ideas

    Lots of great new lighting options have appeared from Steinel recently! We highlight some of the best one's here and also give you some great ideas on how to delight your clients in your upcoming projects. Steinel innovates and improves like no other lighting company we know, resulting in reliable quality and unique utility that […]
  6. JCC Giving Away Lighting Again

    JCC Giving Away Lighting Again

    Just when you thought the deals couldn't get any better (except for in the supermarkets for some reason), JCC Lighting have banged out probably the lowest prices I've ever seen on proper commercial lighting products. I'm not exaggerating in the slightest, take a look below. They received huge lighting stocks just before lockdown and need […]
  7. Outdoor lighting guide

    Outdoor lighting guide

    Lighting can be used to subtly enrich surroundings or emphasise unique features such as trees and walls. Simply by offsetting natural colour tones against contemporary feature lighting, beautiful complimentary schemes can be achieved. Outdoor lighting themes Consistency is a vital element when planning a lighting scheme, high levels of uniformity can be used to draw […]
  8. Can LED's Reduce My Carbon Emissions?

    At a governmental, business and personal level, it has never been more important to adopt environmentally friendly practices. We are already seeing the consequences of climate change and it's only going to get worse, unless we do something about it. This means we need to reduce our carbon emissions and therefore our overall carbon footprint. […]
  9. How Good Are Solar Lights in the UK?

    Solar Lights Solar power has been around for quite a while, but it's only in recent years that it's really taken hold within the UK. Thanks to government campaigns, better education and subsidised costs, more and more households are installing solar panels as a way to reduce their carbon footprint as well and save money […]
  10. Innovative Ways to Use LEDs

    LEDs have always been a popular choice for lighting due to a variety of different reasons. This being said, many customers are forced to opt for cheaper options as LEDs have traditionally been one of the more expensive types lighting. This is all changing. LEDs are dropping in price and therefore more customers are choosing […]
  11. Have a Light Bulb Moment - Light Bulb Recycling

    Light Bulb Recycling It was way back in 2007 when the UK government made a declaration that old style incandescent light bulbs would be phased out by 2011 in favour of energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs. Their positive environmental impact is two-fold: they use less energy to create the same amount of light and they also need […]
  12. LED Downlight Comparison Chart

    LED Downlight Comparison Information for an Informed Choice Digging through the waffle and reams of downlight technical data can take forever. Not anymore! Simply click on the image below to view the full-size document. Click on any image in the document to get more information and up to date pricing on our website. Accuracy of […]
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