Redring Xpressions Eco-T - Intelligent Showering

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With money becoming tighter by the day and bills that seem to rise month on month the Redring Xpressions Eco-T is a breath of fresh air. This revolutionary intelligent shower offers an innovative solution to save energy and water with no perceivable change to daily routines.

Time Your Showers - Reduce Water & Electricity Usage

The shower is supplied with an integral timer which is set to six minutes and this is turned on at any time while the shower is in operation. This feature means that the user can monitor the amount of time spent in the shower and as the timer counts down when 5.5 minutes of operation is reached a blue LED warning light will flash to let the user know that the shower is about to turn itself off. This function can also be manually overridden at any time.

In addition to the timer function, this shower boasts an 'Eco' button which allows the user to reduce the loading by 65 percent which, during summer months, is invaluable in reducing the power used to heat the water coming into the shower as the temperature of the water is significantly warmer than during winter months.

The water temperature is accurately maintained to within 1.5 degrees Centigrade by means of a multi heating element heat exchanger which ensures there are no sudden changes of temperature and a phased shut down ensures the next user does not experience an initial surge of hot water. The shower can be set to ensure that a maximum showering temperature of either 43 or 46 degrees Centigrade is not exceeded.

These features ensure minimal use of power whilst providing the ultimate shower experience giving no leeway or compromise on the aesthetics or functionality of the unit.

Great Design With Limited Edition Colours

The shower can boast a modern simple design that blends in perfectly to any bathroom decor with a rotary temperature control and easy-to-use start/stop button.

The power selection is via push buttons and options include 'high' and eco'.

The entire Xpressions Eco-T range has an IPX5 rating and is BEAB approved and comprises of 7.2kW, 8.5kW and 9.5kw models.

The 8.5kW model is currently also available in a limited edition finish of Gunshot Grey, Chrome and Black to complement the most modern bathroom designs.

With today's heightened awareness of electricity costs and the ever-growing need to use water sensibly, this shower makes the best use of all technologies available.

It reduces power usage and controls water usage, and therefore costs to the user, without compromising safety, convenience, functionality or simple good looks.

The drive to become more green is gathering pace daily and this means that demands and attitudes are constantly changing. Â This shower ensures households can reducing their impact on the environment and reduce energy bills without changing their existing lifestyle or compromising their expectations.