New Redring Powerstream Eco Water Heater

The NEW Redring Powerstream Eco is Launched!

The Powerstream is without doubt, one of the biggest selling water heaters on the UK market. Its success is that it has allowed people to provide instant hot water to basins anywhere in a domestic or commercial installation with just a cold-water feed.

Add to that, the fact that the unit was smaller than the body of a shower unit and could be hidden away anywhere. The simple design has remained unchanged for over a decade, until now.

Saving money with the new Powerstream Eco model:

Redring has added an external temperature selection dial to the front of the new Powerstream. This gives now gives the unit 3 powered and one 'cold' water settings that can be selected by the user as required.

Mains water pressure varies between installations, so where pressure is good, the reduced power settings can be used to provide hot water for handwashing at less than half the price.

Also, as the seasons change, the temperature of the water entering the unit varies greatly, so you can reduce the power outside the winter months and make seasonal savings.

Redring Powersteam Eco - Modern design: As the unit now needs to be more accessible if you wish to control the power, Redring have also given their new Powerstream a complete makeover. The new unit has rounded edges and attractive sleek lines.

9.5kw Model - Part Number 45673201 - Short Code RP1E

  • High Setting - 9.5kw
  • Full Power Eco - 5.4kw
  • Low Power - 4.1kw

10.8kw Model - Part Number 45673202 - Short Code RP10.8E

  • High Setting - 10.8kw
  • Full Power Eco - 6kw
  • Low - 4.8kw

At this time, we understand that the original 12kw model will also be available in the earlier design for the foreseeable future. The NEW Powerstream is now available to buy from the Fastlec Redring Powerstream section