Electric Showers

Electric Showers
Instant electric showers are economical because they heat only the amount of water you require, on demand, and as they run independently from your hot water boiler system, you can still have a hot shower even if your boiler isn't working. Installation is relatively simple as they only require a cold water feed and an electrical connection. Instant electric showers run on mains cold water pressure. The water is heated quickly as it passes through the unit and is delivered at a performance that is linked to the incoming water pressure. Power ratings range from 7.2KW to 10.8KW. Some models feature "Smart Stop" which helps to reduce scale build up. If you have a gravity fed system instead of mains cold water, then there are "Pumped" electric showers available that increase the water pressure with an internal pump. The water is then heated in the same way as a regular instant electric shower.Â
Electric Power Showers
The integral pump in these showers can deliver water at up to 14 litres per minute for high shower performance. The hot water feed is taken from the cylinder and the cold water from the header tank in a simple to plumb installation. Choose from both thermostatic and manual models.Â
Electric Showers For Safety
Redring's Selectronic shower range is specifically designed to ensure increased safety for the blind, partially sighted, young children, elderly and less able. The shower is pre-programmed to deliver the heated water at pre-determined, and checked, safe temperature. The unit can also be locked to cap the temperature at 40 degrees C and therefore eliminating any possibility of accidental increase in temperature, thus eliminating the chance of accidental scalding. Longer rails and hoses are supplied as standard. The Selectronic shower range is endorsed by the RNIB and is available in 8.5KW, 9.5KW and 10.8KW ratings.