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  1. MVHR & MEV Ventilation Update

    MVHR & MEV Ventilation Update

    Recently, the sales & management team at Fastlec had an update on the latest ventilation guidance & rule changes from Domus Ventilation Specification Manager Russell Beardsworth. Here’s some of what we learned (or re-learned) New Part F Building Regulation Changes (Effective from 15th June 2022) This is the 2021 edition of the approved document which […]

  2. 18 Edition Wiring Regulations Summary

    18 Edition Wiring Regulations Summary

    Since January 2019, after an initial grace period, electrical contractors (gas engineers and kitchen fitters also) have been obliged to observe the 18th Edition wiring regulations. The main changes when the 17th Edition gave way to the 18th Edition are: Lightning risk assessment for protection against overvoltages using SPD surge protection devices – If a […]

  3. Electrical Safety At Home

    Electrical Safety At Home

    The potential dangers of electricity used in the home can usually be subdivided into those that can cause a fire or those that can cause electrocution. However, in reality, most of these issues can result in either. Government data shows that “Accidental electrical dwelling fires” account for over 50% of all accidental dwelling fires. (Source: […]

  4. Is My Extractor Fan Working Correctly?

    Is My Extractor Fan Working Correctly?

    Are you looking for ways to address an issue with your bathroom extractor fan? Whether it’s making funny noises or not working at all, here are some tips and tricks to help you troubleshoot and get your bathroom extractor fan working again. The Extractor Fan RoleExtractor fans play an important role in our households and […]

  5. Steinel Lighting Ideas

    Steinel Lighting Ideas

    Lots of great new lighting options have appeared from Steinel recently! We highlight some of the best one’s here and also give you some great ideas on how to delight your clients in your upcoming projects. Steinel innovates and improves like no other lighting company we know, resulting in reliable quality and unique utility that […]

  6. What Duct to Use For a Bathroom Fan

    What Duct to Use For a Bathroom Fan

    There are lots of ways to duct a bathroom fan, but what are the best ways? PVC Flexible Ducting This is what most people fit, and why not, it’s easy and cheap. It requires few additional accessories, except for maybe some clips, tie-wraps or duct tape to fasten it onto the fan spigot and the grille. […]

  7. Choosing Extractor Fans from Leading Brands

    Choosing Extractor Fans from Leading Brands

    Best Looking (Designer) Bathroom Fans Vent Axia – Xpelair – Vortice – Airflow – Greenwood Airvac – Silavent – Domus The phrase ‘Number One Fan’ if you are a Stephen King reader, may mean something quite sinister but in our line of work, the phrase is an exciting challenge. To find the best fan on […]

  8. Choosing the Right Extractor Fan

    Choosing the Right Extractor Fan

    Extractor Fan Purpose Extractor fans are installed for two main purposes: To remove moisture from the air To remove odors In terms of functionality, the extractor fan needs to be the right size for the room if it is to do its job properly: If it’s too small it won’t be able to draw sufficiently […]

  9. Latching (Passive) and Non-Latching (Active) RCD Sockets

    Latching (Passive) and Non-Latching (Active) RCD S...

    RCD Sockets – The Difference Between Latching and Non-Latching Latching RCD (Sometimes called Passive RCD) What is a passive RCD? When the power is lost due to an earth fault, the passive or latching RCD trips out and isolates the circuit it is protecting. Latching RCDs do trip during power cuts but they automatically reset […]

  10. The Most Powerful Practical Fan For Your Bathroom?

    The Most Powerful Practical Fan For Your Bathroom?

    Okay, anyone could put an enormous fan in the loft and have people ‘hovering’ in the bathroom. The thing is, what about the Jet engine sound reverberating around the house every time that room gets used? But, what if you could get over ONE THOUSAND metres cubed per hour with sound levels capped around 36dB(A) […]

  11. JCC Giving Away Lighting Again

    JCC Giving Away Lighting Again

    Just when you thought the deals couldn’t get any better (except for in the supermarkets for some reason), JCC Lighting have banged out probably the lowest prices I’ve ever seen on proper commercial lighting products. I’m not exaggerating in the slightest, take a look below. They received huge lighting stocks just before lockdown and need […]

  12. Fastlec Covid preparation for electrical contractors return

    Fastlec Covid preparation for electrical contracto...

    This last week saw our non-furloughed staff making preparations to welcome back higher volumes of customers to our physical premises. We had previously been operating a ‘call and collect’ service while our counter area was closed. Website orders have been largely unaffected but a smaller team has been managing to keep hitting our ‘same day […]

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