JCC Giving Away Lighting Again

JCC Autumn Lighting Sale

Just when you thought the deals couldn't get any better (except for in the supermarkets for some reason), JCC Lighting have banged out probably the lowest prices I've ever seen on proper commercial lighting products. I'm not exaggerating in the slightest, take a look below. They received huge lighting stocks just before lockdown and need to make room for winter season stock already on its way. The deal lasts until the end of October 2021 and I can imagine people will be filling their boots on things like:

(Please note these prices aren't on our website yet, so you'll have to contact us to get at them)

  • LED Batten Lighting from £15
  • LED IP65 Battens from £24
  • LED Oxford Low Profile Commercial Battens from £50
  • LED Toughbay Warehouse Fittings from £55
  • LED Bulkheads from £12
  • LED Commercial Downlights from £10
  • LED Domestic Downlights from £4
  • LED Non-Fire-Rated Downlights from £2.50
  • LED Ceiling Panels 3500 Lumens from £20
  • LED Surface Spots from £22
  • LED Architectural Lanterns from £20
  • LED Step Lights from £6

These aren't quantity breaks - They are prices for just one unit!

It's a 12-page document from JCC that we've just received and we're working on converting it to our own shortly.

In the meantime, don't wait (Somebody already took thousands of LED battens in one particular size), give us a call (01903 255424) or mailto:[email protected] and let us know what you are interested in or give us your project details so we can show you some massive savings.

Portable Aircon Stock Obliterated in 24 Hours

In other news, our entire, not insubstantial stock of portable airconditioning units was wiped out in just one day after temperatures broke 30C for several days. Chances of getting any more this summer almost zero. If only we'd had more room.....