Choosing Extractor Fans from Leading Brands

Best Looking (Designer) Bathroom Fans

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The phrase 'Number One Fan' if you are a Stephen King reader, may mean something quite sinister but in our line of work, the phrase is an exciting challenge.

To find the best fan on the UK market is impossible simply due to the sheer choice of quality extractor fans available. There are countless 'number one fans' available and their ranking is only defined by what each and every individual user hopes to achieve from the installation of their fan of choice.

For example, many people regard the most powerful fan as being the best bathroom extractor fan. Others would argue that the quietest fan is the best bathroom fan. Then again, many go for the most attractive and best-looking extractor fan.

Extractor fans are hardly new, they have been around for decades but we are fortunate now to have a group of major fan manufacturers who not only are brilliant at the basics, i.e. ensuring that the manufacture of the fan maintains its 'fit for purpose' classification and that the design of the fan meets even the most stringent aesthetic design expectations of today's demanding consumer.

There are several 'brand leaders' in today's market, each one bringing years of product design and development to the fore and each specializing in a different yet no less important aspect of fan design and functionality. In addition, historic research and development undertaken by these companies have made them more keenly aware of the advantages gained by being aware of potential changes in Building Regulations, Statutory Requirements or market trends.

This awareness drives them to constantly expand existing ranges and develop their new and potential products in such a way that the consumer will always have a choice of the best possible range of fans to meet any requirement.

Vent Axia Logo

Vent Axia, offer a huge range of fans ranging from a highly efficient basic extractor fan right through to a sophisticated low voltage, design-conscious fan also capable of being used in wet rooms with timer and humidity options.

It was way back in 1936 that the first electrically operated window fan was developed and Vent Axia was born.

Today they are as forward-thinking and committed to ongoing product development as ever and their forward-thinking philosophy means they constantly strive to maintain their position as leaders and innovators in the lo-carbon and energy-saving fields of design. The brand is trusted worldwide and its consistent commitment to innovation and excellence is universally recognised.

Whatever your air extraction needs Vent Axia will probably have researched and developed a fan to meet your requirements.

Vortice Logo

Vortice, an Italian company, is also a household name worldwide and some of their fans are so stylish they could almost be classified 'Works of Art'.

Vortice Punto Gold Fan

Throughout the development process of these much sought-after fans, Vortice has not compromised in any way on efficiency, safety, ease of installation ease of use, or price and their ranges of fans will ensure not only highly efficient operation and economy but stylish good looks in any location.

The Vortice Quadro for example is a super quiet, low consumption fan with a unique and stylish design, suitable for ducted installations in private or commercial premises.

Vortice Quadro Fan

Vortice's mission is to provide the user with the very latest technology and effective solutions when improving air quality and for over fifty years their product development has focused on energy efficiency. This research led to the development of the Vort Notus (one fan for any room)

Vortice Notice Fan

Understated sleek design, quiet and SAP Q eligible. Low power with three performance levels to suit different rooms in any dwelling.

Domus Logo

Silavent (now rebranded as Domus), another highly competitive and successful name in the extractor fan market was acquired by Domus and is currently investing heavily in research and development as well as maintaining this highly successful range of fans including the Curzon Range.

These are standard fans of a traditional design, and are an ideal choice for use in bathrooms and toilets where longer duct runs may be required.

New models and designs are eagerly awaited and will complement and add to their already exciting range of fans. As a market-leading brand of Domus, Silavent has a well-deserved reputation for high quality and reliable intermittent extract fans and mechanical extraction appliances which are loved by contractors everywhere, due to their compliance with relevant Building Regulations.

They offer a full support service to installers which not only includes comprehensive technical support but also an online support facility in relation to specifications and technical support.

Xpelair Logo

Xpelair is probably the most instantly recognisable name when talking about extractor fans and they have, in recent times, massively revamped and extended their range.

Xpelair lead the way with innovative technologies and style and their mission is to provide a clean, fresh and healthy environment and ensure safety, energy efficiency and the reduction of carbon emissions with their constantly evolving range of intelligent products.

The Xpelair brand is available worldwide and is recognised as being of high quality, easy to install, reliable and supplied at a competitive price.

They have maintained their well-loved range of traditional favourites and have also introduced MEV, Shower Light and DC options one of which is the DX400DC, which is a 216m3/hr Centrifugal fan suitable for use in any room in the house. Xpelair have ensured that this exceptional unit is easy to install, is suitable for installation at any angle in ducting or in walls ceilings and windows. The unit has clean sleek lines with a white gloss finish and is one of the 'new' designs launched or about to be launched from this long-established company.

Xpelair DX400DC Fan

Airflow Logo

Airflow is another name synonymous with innovative ventilation and air extraction and since 1955 they have maintained and are constantly expanding their range of fans.

They are undoubtedly, currently leading the way with their unique iCON range of fans the design of which is so revolutionary that it also falls under the category of 'designer fans'.

The Airflow Icon fan has a unique 'iris' system that opens during operation and closes when the fan is inactive. This helps prevent any back-draft, again making it eminently suitable for use in any room in the house.

Airflow iCON Fan

The 'Quietair' range of fans offers elegant, discreet axial fans that are supremely quiet and activate only when they are really needed, using exceptionally low energy.

Airflow Quietair Fan

Airflow is constantly researching and developing its range in relation to ever-changing Building Regulations and Government legislation in the journey towards carbon zero homes. They are looking ahead making sure any future guidelines and industry standards regarding indoor air quality and planned and catered for.

Extra functionality for kitchens, offices, or extra-large bathrooms with this powerful 6-inch in-line Aventa turbofan. Absolutely monstrous performance (680m3/hr!) at a price you simply won't believe.

AIrflow Aventa Turbo

In conclusion, consumers can relax in the knowledge that there are companies out there who are constantly researching and developing fans to meet even the most stringent design requirements and technical specifications and our knowledgeable team, who undergo ongoing training, are on hand to offer up to date help and guidance making sure you have exactly the right fan to meet the demands of your particular installation