Steinel Lighting Ideas

Lots of great new lighting options have appeared from Steinel recently! We highlight some of the best one's here and also give you some great ideas on how to delight your clients in your upcoming projects.

Steinel innovates and improves like no other lighting company we know, resulting in reliable quality and unique utility that more than justifies a slightly higher price for a better product.

You'll notice the Steinel build quality straight away as soon as you open the box, in fact, maybe even before you open the box.

Steinel XLED Garden Spot Lighting Suite

Pointing the way with the Steinel XLED Spot Way Bollard

First, bathe the pathways with beautiful warm pools of light with Steinel XLED bollards.

Drive in the Steinel Spike Spots

Then pick out prominent garden features, using Steinel XLED spot spikes to make stunning lighting statements.

Choose from PIR, photocell, or manual controls to suit the client's needs.

Utilise the Steinel wall-mounted XLED Spot and Spot Duo to illuminate around the building from elevation.

or, if your client prefers some hard lines rather than subtle curves, then you could always go 'cubo' for your bollards and wall lights which provide an even more contemporary look to the property.

Steinel New XLED Floodlighting Options

Use a 240-degree sensor to detect around the entire corner of a building whilst angling the light towards the required area (over 2000 lumens).

Give your client complete control of their security and amenity lighting via their existing and future Bluetooth devices.

Use XLED camera flood to illuminate unwanted (or wanted) guests, giving the client the option to view the area and communicate with anyone using their smartphone. Watch the footage back later (only records movement, so no wasted time or space). There's also a wall light version if that suits the application better.

Take advantage of the 180-degree swivel of both light and sensor, allowing mounting on either wall or ceiling, to impress your client with the most attractive-looking sensor flood we've seen so far. The XL model pushes out 4,400 lumens too. Designed to last for decades for a surprisingly low price.

New Additions to Steinel's Xsolar Range

There are lots more fantastic lighting ideas available on the Fastlec website, so why not take a look and blow your clients away with what you can now do for them.