The Most Powerful Practical Fan For Your Bathroom?

Powerful bathroom fans

Okay, anyone could put an enormous fan in the loft and have people 'hovering' in the bathroom. The thing is, what about the Jet engine sound reverberating around the house every time that room gets used?

But, what if you could get over ONE THOUSAND metres cubed per hour with sound levels capped around 36dB(A) @ 3m? Sounds impossible right? Not any more. Try the AVS200 Aventa Silent fan from Airflow, its a monster. Both the inner and outer casings are cleverly and individually designed to both insulate and divert sound.

Airflow Aventa Silent Powerful Fan

You'll need to use 200mm ducting, but that's a small price to pay for toupee removing performance. What does it matter, its all in the loft right?

If you don't want to use the bigger ducting size they also do 150,125 and 100mm models.