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Vent-Axia: The Best Ventilation Solutions for Your Home

Vent Axia have been designing and building extractor fans since 1936.

With 75 years as a well-respected industry leader, they continue to develop and set high standards for improving personal comfort by ensuring their systems, designed to control the flow of fresh air, temperature, humidity, and cleanliness, remain at the leading edge of performance and technology.

More than half a million installations, in commercial, industrial and residential sectors, in the UK and worldwide, rely on Vent-Axia each year to ensure high-performing, efficient air management solutions in countless varied applications.

Learn About Vent-Axia’s Different Types of Ventilation Solutions

Vent-Axia offers a wide range of ventilation solutions to keep your home cool and healthy. From wall fans and ceiling fans to heat recovery systems, wall vents, and window actuators, there’s something that suits every type of living space. With our range of innovative products, you can be sure the air within your property is breathed fresh each day.

Understand How Vent-Axia Can Help to Reduce Your Home's Pollutants and Moisture Levels

By installing one of our ventilation solutions, you can reduce pollutants and moisture levels within your home to create a healthier living environment. Our units monitor the air quality inside your property and automatically adjust it to reduce toxins, allergens, pet dander and other indoor air pollutants. Additionally, our dehumidifiers are ideal for preventing the growth of mould and mildew due to excessive moisture in showers and bathrooms.

Finding the Best Location for Installing a Vent-Axia System in Your Home

The ideal location for installing a Vent-Axia system in your home is on the outside wall of an upper-level room, such as a bedroom or bathroom. This will ensure that it has access to both the inside and outside of your property and allow for efficient airflow. Additionally, you should aim to install the unit in a spot that doesn’t obstruct furniture or doors in the space. For example, if you have bedroom wardrobes near the wall that you’re thinking of installing on, consider pushing them aside during installation to maximise efficiency.

How to Set Up and Install a Vent-Axia System in Your Home

Setting up and installing a Vent-Axia system in your home is relatively straightforward for your installer. They should start with the basics – make sure they familiarise themselves with the instructions that come with the unit. Once this is done, they should position your unit on an outside wall of an upper-level room, as close to the ceiling as possible so that it can ensure efficient airflow. Finally, check that any furniture or doors don’t obstruct the unit, and wire it in to begin enjoying all of the benefits of a Vent-Axia system!

Maintaining Your Vent-Axia System for Maximum Efficiency & Savings

Regular maintenance and cleaning of your Vent-Axia system is essential to ensure that it is working as efficiently as possible. You should also check that the filter in your unit is regularly cleaned, but if you are unsure or unable to do this yourself, you can contact a service engineer for assistance. As an additional tip to save you money, consider setting the timer on your unit so that it runs for shorter periods when unoccupied. This will help you save energy costs and reduce emissions from heating and cooling that would otherwise be wasted.

Vent Axia Extractor Fans Range

Due to the depth of its product range, Vent-Axia now offers a one-stop shop for ventilation.  They can provide products from air handling all the way through to residential solutions for bathrooms, utility rooms, and kitchens.

Vent-Axia has top-of-the-range intermittent extract fans through to high-efficiency heat recovery ventilation systems and can also provide heating and hygiene solutions for the whole building no matter what the requirement.

Vent Axia launched a PIV range over last few years, which has had massive success as these loft units remove mould and condensation issues with an extremely easy retrofit installation.

They will also help further understanding regarding the role of ventilation and heating within initial assessment procedures to ensure the best product solution for all projects can be identified.

Whatever the requirement, budget, or setting, Vent-Axia can provide the solution you need.  From extraction fans for the home to large commercial ventilation solutions, the Vent-Axia range contains a product to suit all applications.



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