Vent Axia LuminAir Fans with Lights

Vent Axia LuminAir Fans with Lights

The LuminAir Fan with Light range is a revolutionary Safety Extra Low Voltage Fan and Light in a single ceiling mounted fitting.  The fan is IPX7 which means it can be fitted directly over a shower in complete safety.  This unit will bring a dull and dingy shower to life, bathing it in a soft rich light and prevent condensation from spreading as the moisture is extracted at source.

Operated by the bathroom light switch, the LuminAir range of fans is ideal for all types of bathrooms and showers but they are particularly suited for use in bedsits or in en-suite installations.

A humidity model is available which combines the light switch activation with a humidity sensor which switches the fan on whenever the humidity level increased within the shower area.

It is possible to mount the LuminAir into a variety of ceiling thicknesses and the safety isolating transformer, which is IP20 rated, is housed in a specifically designed enclosure for wall mounting or siting in the loft.  This enclosure accepts mini trunking.

A pool of warm light is provided by a long life, simple to change, lamp that uses a pre-formed dichroic multi mirror lamp, which gives a 20watt 40 degree spread of light.

When upgrading existing systems or even when providing multiple extract points to a central fan, the LuminAir vent light is the ideal choice. l Consisting of a LuminAir SELV light with white ceiling bezel and a 90 degree bend it is particularly suitable for connection to extract ductwork runs situated between joists.

Chrome and Gold bezels are also available separately to ensure this unit will discreetly enhance and blend into and decor.

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Amps at


Free Air Extract






db(A) at

3 metres

LuminAir L Fan and Light    0.2 110 31 40 35
LuminAir T Fan and Light with Timer 0.2 110 31 42 35
LuminAir H Fan and Light with Humidity Sensor    0.2 110 31 44 35


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