Vent Axia Lo-Carbon Quadra Fans

Vent Axia Lo-Carbon Quadra Fans

This fan is suitable for surface mounting, or, when purchased with the flush mounting kit, can be flush mounted in any room.

The Lo-Carbon Quadra can be used in toilets, bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms as the speed of the fan can be selected at the time on installation and complies to either continuous or intermittent Building Regulations (Document F).

Installed performance is met by ducting either through the wall or two ducted selection and selectable speeds are either low speed of between 6, 9 and 12 litres per second and high speed of between 15, 30 and 60 litres per second.

The Lo-Carbon Quadra fans provide a maintenance free unit with due to their unique filterless design and in the unlikely event of motor failure they have the added benefit of a cartridge system.  This will ensure easier installation and replacement meaning less waste and less landfill thereby ensuring both an improved carbon footprint and sustainability.

The discrete design of this fan  together with low noise levels, due to its accurately balanced impeller, mean that it is one of the most unobtrusive fans available and the unique cover design means that there is no area on the exterior of the fan which allows a build up of dirt so it stays looking good for a much longer period of time.

Features and Benefits of the Lo-Carbon Quadra fans include

  • Suitable for use in toilets, bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms
  • Guaranteed installed performance
  • 100mm circular spigot for easy installation or replacement of existing fan
  • Meets Building Regulations for intermittent or continuous use
  • Filterless technology and maintenance free
  • LoWatt motors offer 90% energy saving and long life*
  • Motor cassette cartridge design for easy and simple replacement
  • Suitable for flush or surface mounting
  • IPX4 rated
  • Five year motor warranty

*Savings are based on an annual usage of 3 hours a day


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