Vent Axia Silhouette 100 SELV Fans

Vent Axia Silhouette 100 SELV Fans

With a slim profile of only 17mm the Silhouette 100 range of fans are guaranteed to blend into any environment and with any decor.  Specifically designed with modern living in mind this range of extractor fans ensure a discreet and unobtrusive installation in any location.

This extremely quiet fan has an FID performance of 26 litres per second, is double insulated and has a power consumption of only 18 watts.

The electronics in the fans are mounted beneath the ultra slim profile grille and offer a choice of integral control, a humidistat for detecting a change in the internal humidity or an adjustable overrun timer option which is adjustable from 5 to 30 minutes.

The Silhouette 100 SELV Fan can be either ceiling or panel mounted and connected to a duct run.

Fans are supplied complete with a transformer with dimensions of 147mm wide, 86mm high and 65mm deep.

Features and Benefits

  • Isolating transformer with a 12V output
  • IPX7 
  • 17mm ultra low profile grille
  • Improved pressure development from the downstream airflow guide vanes,
  • Can be installed at any angle either horizontally or vertically due to the ball bearing motors*.
  • Suitable for either wall or panel mounting

* If the unit is ceiling mounted, 3m of maximum of rigid ducting should be used with a condensation trap.