Vent Axia Silhouette 125 Bathroom and Toilet Fans

Vent Axia Silhouette 125 Bathroom and Toilet Fans

The Silhouette 125 Axial Bathroom/Toilet Fans combine high levels of performance with a stylish, low profile design.  With a profile of only 18mm they will complement any decor in any location and provide a first class unobtrusive installation.

The Silhouette 125 range of fans are suitable for both ceiling and panel mounting and can be mounted at both horizontal and vertical angles.  In addition, the fans can be connected to an appropriate duct run to the outside of the property.

The range includes standard, timer and humidity models and all are supplied with backdraught prevention vanes fitted onto the discharge.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed for both vertical and horizontal applications
  • The downstream airflow guide vanes provide improved pressure development
  • Modern aesthetic design
  • Backdraught shutter
  • Blue Neon running light
  • Suitable for wall, ceiling, panel and window mounting (mounting kits available as accessories if required)
  • 18mm ultra low profile grille
  • The Fans are IPX4 rated


Product Selector

Model   Extract Performance - FID   Watts 

Sound dB(A)

at 3 metres  

cu mts/hr  lts/sec 
Silhouette 125B 160 45 20 40 
Silhouette 125T 160 45 20 40 
Silhouette 125H 160 45 20 40


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