Nuaire Drimaster PIV

The Drimaster-eco PIV range from Nuaire is the market-leading positive input ventilation solution for two and three-storey dwellings with lofts.

Nuaire invented PIV in 1972 and has been developing and enhancing the concept ever since.

Entry-level Drimaster units push out stale moist air, replacing it with fresh, filtered, dry air.

Drimaster 'HEAT' units include a pre-heater that sits behind the ceiling diffuser, heating the supplied fresh air before it's pushed into the home.

Many Drimaster units include 'Hall Controls' situated on the hallway ceiling grille allowing you to adjust the system controls to suit without entering the loft.

Other Drimaster units include RF capability for use with the Nuaire wireless controllers.

Drimaster 'NOX' units use additional carbon cartridges to further reduce hazardous NOX pollution levels by 80% in the dwelling.

Nuaire Drimaster Comparison