Kitchen Extractor Fans

Kitchen Extractor Fans - Recommended Range

There is a huge choice of fans in our range, many of which could be successfully employed in a kitchen and deciding which one to go with can be a daunting process. To help make the choice easier for the majority of customers we have brought together in this category both the most popular fans purhcased for kitchen use and the fans that we would most recomend for this application.

Kitchen Extractor Fans - Choose One Big Enough For Your Kitchen

The main job of a kitchen fan is to remove odors, moisture, grease and air effectively. In simple terms, the bigger your kitchen, the bigger the fan you need, as the recomended air changes per hour are a minimum of 15. For example, if your kitchen which is 14.44m cubed and has a fan that performs at 260m cubed per hour, it should change the air in the kitchen 18 times per hour. The more powerfull your stove and the more cooking you do, the more you should try and increase your air changes if you can.

Axial, Centrifugal and Mixed-Flow Kitchen Fans

150mm axial fans such as the Vortice Punto range are fine for extracting straight through a kitchen wall to the outside. If you have longer duct runs to the outside then centrifugal wall fans such as the Vortice Quadro or the Vent Axia Centrif Duo can move the air over much longer distances. Also, mixed flow fans such as the Airflow iCON60 can move large amounts of air over long duct runs using a combination of axial and centrifugal technology within the same wall fan. If you have a ceiling void then inline fans such as the Vortice Lineo can provide the most effective kitchen ventilation without having to have a large fan stuck on your kitchen wall.

Nearly all the fans here can come with control options such as pullcord, timer, humidity, PIR, dual speed etc..