Extractor Fan Humidity Setting

I first entered the world of Electrical Wholesale 15 years ago, and the demand at that time, for extractor fans was generally focused on who could supply the cheapest, regardless of performance!

Today, with a clear customer demand for powerful and effective Bathroom extractors, Humidity controlled fans are as popular as ever, as they are seen as an automated method for managing moisture within the Bathroom.

Here on the Fastlec Blog we have covered the issues around the correct setting of Humidity Control before, but this summer a new issue raised its head.

A client from the London area contacted us to say that her Vent Axia Humidity fan, which had been fitted at the beginning of the year, was now running continuously. A quick chat with the Vent Axia Technical Department, and one of their helpful staff revealed that it was most likely due to an exceptionally high Humidity level in the UK at that period. Sure enough, Vent Axia Humidity-Controlled fans come factory set at 72%, a quick check on Google, Humidity in London that day, 75%! The client just needed to increase the Humidity setting to around 80% to avoid this nuisance switching and return it once the humidity levels had dropped, simples!

Oddly enough, I have just checked the Humidity levels in London at present (a Wet and Cool afternoon on the 28th of September), and it's 82%!!! I can almost hear those Vent Axia fans running in chorus.

If you want to know more about setting Humidity Fans, which includes the often counter-intuitive dial settings (turn it all the way down and it stays on, turn it all the way up and it stays off) take a look at our earlier blog post: Troubleshooting The Airflow iCON HTM Humidity Module