Fantasia Ceiling Fans New For This Year

Ceiling Fan Season is Here Again - What's New?

Fantasia Ceiling Fan Duster

Fantasia Ceiling Fans have some great new finishes in already popular sweep air fan lines. Couple that with some totally new ceiling fans, desk fans and even a cool new 'Fan Duster Brush' (don't laugh, it's amazing!)

The popular 50" Fantasia Elite Tau range has 3 new ceiling fans added, which will be available from June 2019:

Natural Iron finish with GX53 LED light
Matt White finish with LED Array light
Natural Iron finish with LED Array light
Just like the rest of the 'Elite' range, these new low-energy Tau fans come with a massive 15-year warranty which really sets Fantasia ceilings fans apart from their cut-price counter-parts.

Fantasia Tau Ceiling Fan

Also new in from Fantasia this year, is the beautiful 'Prima' ceiling fan

Available in both 52" and 42" variants and a whole host of colours including my new favourite 'Natural Iron'.

Fantasia Prima Ceiling Fan

Mount the Prima either flush straight onto the ceiling or use the supplied drop rod if required. Remote control and LED light are all included and of course another 15-year warranty for peace of mind.

If you're looking for more of a 'Colonial' feel to your room, Fantasia's new Islander ceiling fan should fit the bill.

The fan motor unit is presented in a striking hammered metal black finish with gorgeous walnut blades constructed from 13 layers of timber. Not just designed to merely 'look' the part as it also delivers an impressive 7600 cubic feet of air movement per minute.

Fantasia Islander Ceiling Fan

Fantasia Aero Ceiling Fan
The new 'Aero' fan with its aerodynamic, propeller-like design, generates 8000 cubic feet of air movement per minute.

It's a stunning design for a ceiling fan and really works as a focal point in a room.

Fantasia Aero Ceiling Fan

Fantasia Kompact 28" Ceiling Fans
Small bedrooms and loft conversions have always thrown a spanner in the works when it comes to choosing an effective ceiling fan.

Fantasia finally addresses this common issue with a range of 'Kompact' Ceiling fans measuring just 28" (71mm) in overall blade span. The Fantasia Kompact still manages to generate a 4280 cubic feet per minute air flow, which will provide a welcome relief in those small stuffy rooms in warm weather. They're also flush-mountable to get them as close to the ceiling as possible and come with an integral LED light source.

Fantasia Kompact Ceiling Fans

Fantasia Whirlwind Desk Fan

Adding to Fantasia's existing Vintage and USB desk fan range, the Whirlwind looks to live up to its name by providing size-defying (only 7" head diameter) power while remaining ultra-quiet. Its got 3 speeds, a tiltable head, and looks great on your desk without taking up too much space.

Fantasia Whirlwind Desk Fan

Fantasia Cubix Heater

Okay, I know this is a heater, but it is from Fantasia and it is new so I thought I'd mention it. It's well finished in a neat little cube design which will switch itself off if someone accidentally knocks it over. Choose from a 900W or 1800W setting to take the chill off when the summer is over.

Fantasia Ceiling Fan Duster

I've saved the best for last. I love this fantastically simple invention which cleans BOTH sides of the fan blade at the same time! Cleaning an 'in-situ' ceiling fan properly has always been fiddly, especially when perched precariously to reach it in the first place (please be careful and use a steady platform). This exclusive piece of kit will sell out quickly this year, so if you don't want to be left waiting, then I suggest you grab one now.

Fantasia ceiling fan duster

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