Fantasia Ceiling Fans

Fantasia Ceiling Fans

Fantasia ceiling fans are widely recognised as the best available on the market today and their range offers fans that will complement any environment or location.  Their ranges of ceiling fans, some being operated by remote control, cover uses in every room in every location except for bathroom installations. 

Fantasia fans are almost silent when in operation so when located in a bedroom, teamed an integral light fitting and with a remote control option, they offer the ultimate in both comfort and convenience.

A stainless steel finish ceiling fan in a kitchen will not only provide a welcome breeze in the hottest room of the house but will complement any decor with its functional yet stylish appearance.

A conservatory is probably the location most associated with ceiling fans and the Fantasia range contains a fan that will complement even the most stringent conservatory decor creating a constant, cooling airflow throughout the long hot summer days.

An added bonus of a quality ceiling fan is that it can actually save energy usage even in winter months.  By setting the fan motion into reverse the fan will circulate the warm air that is trapped under the ceiling back down into the room without causing a draught and helping to reduce heating bills by utilising air already warmed.

Fantasia are so sure of their product that most of their fans carry a comprehensive ten-year guarantee which can be validated by registering your product with Fantasia.