Vent-Axia Extractor Fans

Vent Axia Extractor Fans have been designed and manufactured since 1936 and the forward thinking and technical expertise of Vent Axia has ensured that their extractor fans, to this day, remain the UK Market Leader. With over seventy five years as a well respected industry leader, they continue to develop and to  set high standards for improving personal comfort by ensuring their systems, which are designed to control the flow of fresh air, its temperature, humidity and cleanliness, remain at the leading edge of performance and technology. More than half a million installations, in commercial, industrial and residential sectors, in the UK and worldwide, rely on Vent-Axia each year to ensure consistently reliable, high performing, efficient air management solutions in countless varied applications. Due to the depth and scope of their extensive product range, Vent Axia Extractor Fans are now one of the many items offered in Vent Axiaâ??s one-stop shop covering all and every aspects of ventilation. They can provide products ranging from air handling all the way through to residential solutions for bathrooms, utility rooms and kitchens. Vent-Axia have top of the range intermittent extract fans through to high efficiency heat recovery ventilation systems and can also provide heating and hygiene solutions for the whole building no matter what or how stringent the requirement may be. They have in the past and will continue in the future to help users attain a comprehensive understanding of the role of ventilation and heating within initial assessment procedures to ensure that the best product solution for all projects can be readily identified in the very early stages of development. Whatever your requirement, budget or setting, Vent-Axia Extractor Fans can provide the solution you need. From extraction fans for the home to large commercial ventilation solutions, the Vent-Axia range contains a product to suit all applications.