Smoke Detector - Nuisance Beeping

How to Stop a Smoke Alarm From Chirping & Beeping

Check The Battery

To stop a smoke alarm from chirping and beeping, first, check to make sure the battery is in good working condition. To check a smoke alarm battery, start by pressing the test button on the alarm.

Try a Reset

If it is, you may need to reset the alarm by pressing the test button or unplugging it. To reset a smoke alarm, first, locate the reset button. It is usually located on the side or back of the alarm. Press and hold the reset button for 15 seconds to reset the alarm. The smoke alarm should beep once to indicate it has been successfully reset. If not, repeat the process until you hear a beep. Finally, test the alarm by pressing and holding down the test button for 15 seconds.

Get the Vacuum Out

If that doesn't work, try cleaning the sensor with a vacuum cleaner or compressed air. If you find after a few years that your smoke detector has a nuisance beep, even after you have changed your backup battery, carefully run the soft brush or narrow tool on the vacuum cleaner around the grilles on the side and front of the detector and you will find the beeping stops. The reason is that the build of dust and cobwebs inside the body seems to irritate the sensor. Most smoke detectors are supplied with a dust cover which is to protect the unit during construction, so make sure it's left on until the room is ready for use.

Replace It

You may also need to replace the battery or the entire alarm unit if these steps don't work. If it does not sound, replace the battery with a new one. Be sure to use the same type of battery as the one that came with your smoke alarm. Then press the test button again to ensure that it is working properly. Finally, remember to check and replace your smoke alarm batteries at least once a year.

Stop Nuisance Beeping

Other possible reasons for nuisance beeping on smoke detectors:

  • The battery pull tab is not removed
  • The battery drawer is not closed properly
  • The Battery is not making a full connection with the terminals

If you've removed the power and taken the battery out and the detector is still beeping, then the capacitors still have charge stored in them. They can usually be drained by pressing and holding the testing button until the noise stops.