Saving Energy With Time Lag Switches

Time Lag Switches - The Best Energy Saver?
There's so much new technology out there, providing new solutions to our planet-wide problem of massive energy wastage that perhaps we forget about the simpler, older solutions that have been available for some time now. It's a good idea, of course, to change your lighting from halogen/incandescent sources to LED to reduce the overall power. The problem is, that being human, we then naturally think that we may as well leave them on all the time as the power usage

Commercial and Domestic Time-Lag Applications
For many amenity areas such as corridors and stairwells, you can't beat a simple time-lag switch to knock off the lights a few minutes (or seconds if you're really tight) after they were activated. They can be great for the home too. How about fitting one in the hallway or other 'passing through' areas that often get left on for hours while we potter about in the other rooms? Most modern time-lag switches are an easy retro-fit from the existing light switch and don't require a neutral to work.
You Can Time-Lag Your Heaters & Fans Too
Stop running that kitchen fan all day when the bacon and egg smells have long gone. Set-up your electric radiator in the den to auto shut-off after 30 minutes or an hour and save yourself 2/3kw hours.

They don't have to look like this anymore!
Modern Time-Lag Switches Are New & Improved!
Timer delay is adjustable to suit application
Work with most types of light (old and new)
Have neon options to find them in the dark
Can have slave versions so you can link many areas together
Attractive plate styles & modern design versions available
Some models can control Heating & Ventilation as well as Lighting
Indoor & Outdoor versions
Tamper-proof models stick with your settings until you change them

Examples of different time lag switches can be seen here