Our Favourite Electrical Questions Q&A

All these electrical questions are genuine and were put to our customer service team without any hint of irony that we could ascertain……….

NB - We always advise clients to use a qualified electrician to install electrical equipment.

Product: PVC Flexible Ventilation Ducting
"I want some flexible tubing as a connecting tunnel between a rabbit hutch and their run on the grass. I wonder if this product would be tough enough to have rabbits running back and forth through it?"

(Can you advise the size, weight and breed of the rabbit sir, so that we can test it? - Ed)

Product: Airflow Aventa AV100 Mixed Flow Extractor Fan
"Is the propeller made of plastic or steel, because I want to use this extractor to bring hot air from my fireplace canopy just to make sure that it will resist the heat"

(Client was deterred from poisoning everyone in the house - Ed)

Product: Silavent Curzon Extractor Fans x 2
"I've had every cable in every terminal and I still can't get the damn thing to work! There is a burning smell coming from the PCB though…"

(Client advised to stop..everything.. - Ed)

Product: MK Masterseal Outdoor Socket
"I'd like to buy an outdoor socket to replace the surface pattress and socket mounted on the side of my bath that my 7.2KW shower is plugged into please" (Warning…Error…Overload…Does Not Compute……-Ed)

Product: 150mm PVC Rigid Ducting
"Would this pipe change shape if I used it for another purpose?"

It's normally used for air ventilation, what were you planning on using it for?


"Well….I was going to use it to build a chair….."