RCBO Devices

RCBOs provide positive contact status indication to comply with the current wiring regulations and incorporate many safety features.
The operating dolly can be locked in the on or off position without affecting the unit's ability to trip for testing and safety.

The device operates in both current overload and earth fault scenarios, essentially doing the job of an RCD and MCB all in one device.

RCBOs are Easy To Wire. Single module RCBOs are designed to fit in place of a single module MCB in a consumer unit or modular din-rail enclosure. This allows earth fault protection of individual circuits reducing the inconvenience caused when an RCD device interrupts multiple circuits because of a fault one just one. Generous 25mm live supply tunnel terminals (10mm for live and neutral load terminals) give you plenty of cabling room and a positive contact.

Live and Neutral outward terminals allow up to 16mm cables. RCBOs come with colour coded leads attached for the earth and neutral supply.

When Selecting RCBOs: The circuit cable should always be cable of carrying more current than the rating of your chosen RCBO. In rare cases where this is not the case, further calculations may show that the RCBO can trip sufficiently quickly to stop the cable overheating. This should save damage to the cable, but further overload protection should be considered from a separate device such as a motor overload relay.