LED Downlight Comparison Chart

LED Downlight Comparison Information for an Informed Choice
Digging through the waffle and reams of downlight technical data can take forever. Not anymore! Simply click on the image below to view the full-size document. Click on any image in the document to get more information and up to date pricing on our website.
Accuracy of Downlight Data
Each of the manufacturer's included (Halers, Aurora, JCC, Scolmore, Ansell, KSR) took the opportunity to check and correct their own fitting data in this chart.

We get asked A LOT to recommend which is the best UK LED downlighter for a huge variety of situations. We're always glad to help, but we recognise that some of you would prefer to pick through the data yourselves. With that in mind, we decided to collate everything we had on the top UK LED downlights and make it easier to compare quickly. It should now be much easier to choose the brightest, the shallowest, the longest life, most efficient LED downlight range to suit your project requirements.
Other Handy LED Downlight Resources
JCC FGLED10 Downlight Ready Reckoner - How many downlights do I need? - A simple calculator to show you how many fewer fittings you could use fitting this brighter range instead of their competition. Halers How many lights calculator - More technically advanced calculator with additional photometric data.
How Many LED Downlights?
It can be difficult to advise how many downlights would be suitable for a particular room. Usually, each contractor has his own 'rule of thumb' worked out from years of experience. Also, it depends on how bright you like your rooms of course. As ever, the best approach is to do some research yourself and also get the advice of the electrical contractor who will be fitting them.