Hand Dryers Questions and Answers - Efficiency, Noise, Speed, Finishes

Hand Dryer Revolution

Hand dryers have come on leaps and bounds over the last couple of years, it is no longer acceptable for them to whine away using endless amounts of electricity to 'almost' dry your hands. There are a host of new ECO models available from most manufacturers like Dyson's Airblade , Mitsubishi's Jet Towel and Vent Axia's Jet Dry and Tempest to name but a few. Hand dryers are a very cost effective option when compared with using paper towels, they are ideal for office, shops, restaurants, pubs and hospitals. They can also be more hygienic than using paper towels, automatic hand dryers switch themselves on using a sensor when they detect hands beneath the unit avoiding bacterial transference. Modern hand dryers also use HEPA filters and 'silver impregnation' to further improve hygiene.
How Efficient Are Hand Dryers?
Hand dryers start from 450 watts up to 2400 watts depending on model and manufacturer but this is only relevant when the actual drying time is taken into context. Drying times can vary from 10 seconds up to a minute. The latest Mitsubishi Jet Towel unheated dryer is rated at 550w but has a quick drying time of 13 -15 seconds which gives an estimated cost of just one fifth of a penny per hand dry!
Hand Dryers Are Quite Noisy Aren't They?
All depends on the particular dryer, the decibel ratings range from 36Db up to 76Db. To put that into context, a normal conversation between 2 people would be approximately 60 decibels at 1 metre. The original Dyson Airblades used to sound like an aircraft taking off, but the most recent models have high-tech silencers fitted to greatly reduce the noise levels.
Hand Dryers Dry At Similar Speeds Don't They?
Not really, because drying times have been drastically reduced on modern dryers. You'll probably notice that older technology dryers don't mention the drying time, whereas the new generation units quote drying times usually between 10 and 15 seconds. They're all trying to hit or beat the 10 seconds barrier, but 15 seconds is probably good enough for anyone as long as their hands are properly dry at the end of the session.
How Long Are The Guarantees On These Dryers?
The top manufacturers such as Mitsubishi and Dyson are offering up to 5 years, but make sure you check the small print to see what part of the guarantee is parts and labour and which is just for parts. You will usually need to register to extend the warranty (just like with washing machines and cookers etc..). The rest of the manufacturers will offer you between 1-3 years, so its worth checking.
Can You Get Hand Dryers In Different Finishes To Compliment Our Washrooms?
Dryer manufacturer's have realised that aesthetics are important in this market and many now offer a wider range of colours as well as more modern designs. They are available in Grey, Silver, White, Black and even in PINK ( Kangarillo Hand Dryer ) Funky or what !!!!!!!!
Are All Hand Dryers Vandal Resistant?
Most are, but not all. Dependant on model chosen, hand dryers are mainly supplied in tough ABS plastic, offering a level of vandal resistance, but for extreme use try a die cast metal or stainless steel unit.