Glands and Cleats Charts

Glands and Cleats Charts For Steel Wire Armoured Cable

We have collated this handy guide chart to help when sizing Cleats and Glands for armoured cable.

SWA Cable Gland Chart

*Please note - it is always best to try (or ask your supplier to) the gland and cleat on the cable before despatch as cable diameters can vary between each manufacturer and even between each batch of cable produced! In this regard, it makes sense to buy your glands and cleats with your cable at the same time if you can.

Most glands are available in either 'BW' (Indoor type) and 'CW' (Outdoor type). The number you see in the 'Gland' column refers to the diameter of the threaded entry end (not the end the cable is entered into). i.e. 20s is 20mm and so is 20. 'Hole Dia' denotes the actual hole size in the cleat that the full cable has to be able to pass through.

Please be aware that the sizes under 'Nominal Conducting Area' refer to the square area of each copper conductor and not the square area of the whole cable.

View cable gland packs here: Gland Packs For SWA Cable and cable cleats here: Cleats For SWA Cable

Buy your SWA cable from here and we'll be happy to check it against your cleats and glands to make sure they fit.