Extractor Fans - New Out and Coming Soon

Out Now - Use The New Loovent Eco Extractor Fan In Any Room In Your House.

Fresh on to the scene this month, comes the Airflow Loovent Eco. A complete revamp of the incredibly popular and long-lived (still going now) Loovent range. Features:
Very compact size - One of the smallest footprints of any modern fan means you can fit it in anywhere. (187 x 167mm)
Multi-function - Can be used in toilets, bathrooms, en-suites, kitchens (adjacent to hob) and utility rooms with only 100mm ducting.
Dual Mounting - Each fan can be either surface or recessed mounted straight out of the box with no extra accessories to buy.
Full 5 year warranty - For long term peace of mind (The old Loovents could last up to 20 years!)
Humidity model can be adjusted from as low as 40% to 90% helping to reduce nuisance operation.
IPX5 - Highest protection for bathroom areas.
Retrofit - has been specifically designed to replace the old Loovent fan by keeping the spigot and mounting positions the same.
There's also a DMEV version that's SAPQ approved for the new build sector. View and buy the Loovent Eco range from the Fastlec website Models:
Timer 72684305
Humidity Timer 72684306
PIR 72684307
DMEV Timer 72684308
Airflow have also thrown in free cool bags and a 'Silverstone' racing promotion to kick-start the marketing. The new units have an original styling which looks clean, minimalist and should suit most bathroom decors.

Out Now - Greenwood Airvac's 'Omnique' - The only fan you'll ever need?

This fan really does have all the features rolled into one…….
Multi-operation - This one fan can be used in basic, continuous, timer, humidity and pull cord operations
Safety - Oh and its also safety extra low voltage 12v
Back-draft control even when on - the shutter opens just enough to allow the extract to take place, ensuring the building is kept as close to airtight as possible
Costs - Less than 0.5p per day to run
Smart - Timer and humidity functions
Maintenance - Nearly all components are replaceable by any competent person to prevent landfill waste and extended life costs
Flexibility - Change the required operation to any new tenants preference
Many manufacturers are producing multi-function fans but the 'Omnique' does seem to cover all bases with just the one unit. Very handy to have in the van, as no matter what the domestic application, you'll always have the right fan for the job. They look great too don't they? View and buy the Greenwood  Airvac Omnique from the Fastlec website
Coming Soon -
Xpelair are soon to launch their latest eco versions of the extremely popular GX6 kitchen fan. Also, Silavent are currently launching a low carbon version of their SDF100 wall fan range. watch this space…..