Extractor Fans From Top Brands

We supply the complete range of extractor fans from UK brand leaders such as Vent Axia, Vortice and Airflow at low prices with quick delivery. Vent Axia have been developing and manufacturing fans since 1936 so it is no wonder that they hold such a dominant position in the UK market, and deservedly so. Vortice similarly have dominated many European ventilation market places from their huge Italian manufacturing base for decades and Airflow's original range of fans such as the "Loovent" series are prevalent in homes throughout the country and more recently they turned the domestic market on its head with their innovative "iCON" and "Quietair" products. For the Domestic market, the requirement would be for wall/ceiling extractor fans from 100mm to 150mm spigot sizes for straight through the wall applications or shorter duct runs. Longer duct runs would usually benefit from an in-line fan to pull and push the air more efficiently. Where this is not practical, centrifugal or mixed-flow wall extractor fans provide an extra push for the longer runs. Central ventilation extractor fan units with multiple ducting runs feeding out to several rooms have become more popular over the last few years and operate constantly at trickle speed with a boost option for when each room is in use. For the Commercial market the requirement would be wall extractor fans with impellers ranging from 150mm to 100mm which are available in either surface or flush mounting options. Remote controllers can alter the running speed and impeller direction. Automatic environmental sensors are now a popular way of controlling fans due to fluctuations in humidity, air temperature, air quality and human presence. Mixed-flow In-line fans for ducting systems up to 315mm are now proving very popular in commercial applications where ducting runs are longer or fans are preferred not to be seen. In the Industrial sector, extractor fans for industrial applications are available in impeller size up to 1000mm and in single or three phase. Generally, plate fans are used for through the wall and cased axial fans for in-line applications.