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In today's modern lighting market, exciting innovations are being introduced on an almost weekly basis. With the constant aim to improve quality, extend the lifetime of electrical products and of course reduce energy usage and running costs the lighting sector is constantly changing, with new items and product upgrades always available for the discerning user. Firebreak LED 10 The KSR Lighting Firebreak LED10 range has only just been released onto the market and incorporates all of the features one has come to expect of a high quality downlight with the added bonus of the option to change the bezel for a different colour, a different shape (square bezels and drop glass are both available) plus a tilt rim or a baffle rim.  This comprehensive option is, as far as we can determine, unique to this type of integrated down lights.  Each of the options is available in a range of colour options and complements the downlight in a way that has never before been possible.

On the technical side, the design of these revolutionary Firebreak LED 10 down lights incorporates numerous design and safety features. Â As well as the detachable rims, Â the light is supplied with a switched dimmable pre-wired LED driver and boasts a very efficient heat sink to take the heat away from the LED chips. Â In addition to that, 3 spring clip height settings make it suitable for fitting into all types of fire rated ceilings

The fittings benefit from a full five year, no quibble warranty making them a quality purchase with a long expected life. Out now - The Click Inceptor Range Another new and innovative design which has just been released onto the market is the Inceptor range from Scolmore. Â This is a range of integrated LED downlights that are fire and acoustic rated with flexi drivers. Â They are an ideal choice when installing into shallow ceiling voids as the unit will fit into a void as shallow as 60mm

This range of lights are covered by a ten year warranty and include many features and benefits such as a 35 degree angle, an integrated LED driver and Flexi-driver mount and an intumescent collar.  Various finishes are available, they fit straight to mains with one quick easy connection, they provide a wide spread of light and are suitable for bathrooms and wet rooms. In spite of all the added features and benefits, these downlights are keenly priced and also give a cost saving against traditional lamps.  Demand for these fittings is expected to be extremely high so watch out for the launch date. Coming Soon! - The Ansell Titan The launch date for the Titan (rumored to be December 2012) from Ansell has not yet been released but this is another eagerly awaited new integrated fire and acoustic rated down-lighter.
Bright - Pushing out 800 Lumens from a single 9w chip, its going to be a great replacement for halogen MR16.
Dimmable - They are going to be dimmable as standard with a comprehensive list of UK dimmers.
Long Life - 7 Year warranty (no registration required!). The Titan also uses the same open case design as the iCage which allows further heat dissipation from dedicated heat-sink in order to prolong the LED life expectancy (Average 50,000 hours).
More Colour Choice - Available with white, Â brass, chrome, satin chrome, antique brass or black fast fit bezels.
Use Anywhere - IP65 waterproof as standard.
Low Energy - 55-61 Lumens per Watt. 80% energy saving over halogen.
There's also a neat new micro-switch feature at the terminal block that allows you to isolate the fitting for an insulation test. This helps prevent potential damage to the LED driver.