Do Landlords have to fit Carbon Monoxide Alarms?

New Carbon Monoxide Alarms Legislation For 2015

We all know the importance of installing fire alarms, in both public and residential buildings. In fact, it's estimated that over 90% of homes are fitted with fire alarms but this isn't the case when it comes to carbon monoxide detectors. Research carried out in 2011 by the 'All Party Parliamentary Gas Safety Group' found that only 63% of homes have carbon monoxide detectors. This is especially worrying when you consider that carbon monoxide is undetectable to human senses. It is for this reason that the gas is often labelled the "silent killer" and is the cause of around 26 deaths and 670 injuries per year. With all of these factors in mind, parliament has introduced a new piece of legislation which means that all landlords are required to install both fire and carbon monoxide detectors within their properties. This law itself will come into effect in October of this year (2015) and is being supported by fire and rescue authorities across the country. What to do if you're a landlord
Landlords who haven't already installed both fire and carbon monoxide alarms will have to do so before the October deadline
According to the regulations, there should be a fire alarm installed on each level of your property
Carbon monoxide alarms should be fitted within "high risk" rooms (This basically means any rooms which contain solid fuel heating systems)
It is also worth noting that landlords are required to test these alarms at the start of every tenancy to ensure they are in working order
It should also be pointed out that failure to make these changes can lead to a £5000 fine
Landlords who may be worried about expense will be pleased to know that the government are working closely with fire and rescue authorities and are expected to provide extra funding. This funding will allow local authorities to provide free fire and carbon monoxide detectors to some landlords. What to do if you are a tenant When looking to rent a property, tenants should be aware of the placement of fire and carbon monoxide alarms. If a prospective property doesn't have any detectors and it is after October 2015, this should be brought up with the landlord. Also, these detectors should be in full working order prior to you moving in and this is also the responsibility of the landlord. Once a tenant has moved into a property, it is then their responsibility to test the fire and carbon monoxide alarms at regular intervals. This is especially pertinent when it comes to battery operated devices, for obvious reasons. This new piece of legislation won't affect the thousands of landlords who have already installed detectors within their properties, but it will force those who haven't to make the change. Your chance of surviving a fire or carbon monoxide leak are greatly improved with the presence of a working detector. With this in mind, the new law is guaranteed to save lives.
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